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October 11, 2018


Press Release: Zak Chelli (4-0) says it was his desire to be considered promoter Frank Warren’s super middleweight priority that prompted his wish to take on fellow prospect Umar Sadiq (3-0) in Brentwood, England on October 20th. The pair get it on in support of a card headed by Anthony Yarde vs. Walter Gabriel Sequeira.  Also on the card, Gary Corcoran and Johnny Garton compete for the vacant British welterweight title.  Chelli, just 20, is a young man on a mission and in no mood to take the slow lane towards title contention. Just four fights in, he is ready to take on a 6'3″ stylist who is ten years his senior. 

Not only that, he asked for the fight as soon as he got wind of a divisional rival from Ilford. “Basically, I’ve always wanted to step up and I’ve actually wanted to fight him from when I first heard about him,” revealed the Fulham banger. “I knew Frank Warren had another super middleweight and I wanted to be the only one in the category when I started off. I thought he was taking my fights! I called the matchmaker and said I was crying out to prove I am better than him, but he said it was too early and he was not ready for this fight, bla, bla. Then, a couple of months later, I got the call to say he wants to fight and I was like ‘ok, I accept it’. So hopefully after this fight I will be the priority and the only super middleweight Frank Warren has.”

Chelli added that the age difference doesn’t matter in this fight because, as far as he is concerned, age doesn’t equate to experience for Sadiq, who he believes still retains amateur habits.

“I was surprised to find he is 30 years old and just starting his career now. I think his prime was when he was in the amateurs, so maybe he has got a bit worse now.

“Style-wise he is pretty basic and very amateur – tall, long, flicks the jab in and out, nothing special…

“I’ve sparred many amateurs and I know how to go under a jab and duck a lot, so I know what to do.”

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