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October 09, 2018

By G. Leon

Congrats on Jarrell Miller's second round destruction over Tomasz Adamek. Can you give us some thoughts on his performance? I think Jarrell did a great job. It was beyond the expectations, he's getting better each fight and he's the busiest top ten heavyweight in the world. He's fought 4 times in the last fourteen months against quality opponents that are all contenders or former world champions, so he's been really impressive.

GL: Is the plan to get Jarrell in the ring for the WBA (regular) title next?

DS: "Last night wasn't very difficult for Jarrell so he's feeling good and we're trying to get him back in the ring again before the end of the year. There's several forces at play here, so we're going to see what happens, but we're looking to do it as soon as possible."

GL: Is 317 pounds too big for Jarrell?

DS: "People keep saying that and obviously he's the biggest, most athletic heavyweight maybe of all time. It jumps out at you with his weight because it's unusual for a guy to be this big and be able to fight a twelve round fight and maintain an activity level higher than every other heavyweight, but boxing is an individual sport it's not a team sport and therefore there's going to be exceptions to the rule every once a while. He makes his size work for him and he doesn't look overweight, he looks strong, thick and built and those attributes are why I think he poses such a big threat to Anthony Joshua, because he's really able to make his weight and strength work for him. When those middle rounds come and you have someone as big as Jarrell leaning on you and throwing all of those punches, he's a very difficult test for anybody to overcome."

GL: When do you think DAZN will have enough eyeballs on the quality matches being scheduled?

DS: "The first event is kind of the most important and the most difficult to pull off, but it was a great night of boxing. Jarrell's fight was what it was, but the main event was great, the fight with Beterbiev and Johnson was fantastic, it was a great night of boxing. There were no superstars on that card, but it was a great show and on October 20th it's back again with another great fight card, especially if the main event holds together. I think their plan is to have consistent, high quality content and I think that boxing fans will benefit from the fact that there's so many outlets competiting to land the top fights. It's a great time in boxing and I personally can't recall a time where there was so much money and so many things happening in the sport."

GL: What do you think about HBO's recent decision to leave the boxing business?

DS: "It's really sad to be quite honest with you. I grew up watching HBO and it's been a landmark of the boxing community even though it's slowed down the last couple of years. As a young kid coming up watching the top fighters come up on HBO, it's sad, but it's a sign that times are changing. Time waits for no one and we live in an interesting environment because a lot of things have been changing rapidly and it's been great to be a part of it. It's sad to see HBO go because they've had some of the biggest fights in the history of boxing on their network, but now we turn the page and look forward to the future."

GL: What's up with Jesse Hernandez, Umar Salamov and the rest of your younger talent?

DS: "I believe Jesse Hernandez is one of the best 122 pounders in the world and he's going to fight again before the end of the year. Arnold Khegai, another world rated super bantamweight who made his American debut on Showtime and then followed it up with another KO win in August in Russia. Umar Salamov fought last month and he's rated in the top ten by three of the sanctioning bodies and he's going to have something significant lined up soon. Shohjahon Ergashev, who I believe is the best junior welterweight in the world and hardest punchers in boxing, we're going to have a big announcement for him coming soon. He just had a win in August and he's going to be back beore the end of the year in a significant fight. JaRico O'Quinn got a win last month and all of our guys have been keeping busy and it's going to stay that way. It's great to have so many undefeated fighters and young up and coming talent that will be making noise to close out this year and all throughout 2019 as well."

GL: What's the haps with the rescheduling of Shields-Hammer?

DS: "Unfortunately sometimes these things happen. Christina Hammer is a proud champion that's been champion for a long time and coming to win. She knows to win that she has to be 100%, and she's just going to need a little bit of time to recover before the fight happens in early 2019."

GL: Would Claressa fight before then?

DS: "That's the plan."

GL: Closing thoughts?

DS: "It's been a great few weeks of boxing and I'm happy that the fighters I'm working with are getting wins and all moving in the right direction, I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months!"

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