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October 08, 2018

By G. Leon

How's everything gone in preparation for your first ten rounder? What can we expect to see from on fight night? Everything is going good, I'm down in Tennessee right now watching some amateurs have a little duel. I stay in the gym, I'm working constantly and I'm going to be getting ready to go. This is my first ten round camp, but other than going a few more rounds in sparring it's just been hard work as usual.

GL: What do you know about your opponent?

Shakur Stevenson: "I know his name is Viorel Simion, I know he's a very experienced fighter. He went to the 2004 Olympics and he's gone twelve rounds against very good fighters and his only two losses are to Lee Selby and Scott Quigg and he won rounds in those fights and showed a good accounting of himself."

GL: Do you consider him a step up from Duarn Vue?

SS: "I think his resume looks better than the first opponent to be honest with you. I watched both of his fights with Selby and Quigg and he did well in both of them."

GL: Last time we spoke you expressed some frustrations with only fighting on ESPN+, a few days after that interview dropped Arum let us know you'd be fighting on TV. How do you feel to be back where you wanted to be on a show of this magnitude?

SS: "I feel good and I'm glad to be back on TV. I've been saying I want to be on TV for my last three fights so I'm glad they've got me back on. Now I've just go to put on a good performance and do what I said I'm going to do."

GL: Will this fight go the distance?

SS: "I ain't going to try to put no pressure on myself and call a knockout with this one. I'm just looking to put on a great performance."

GL: If you're able to make this an early night, will you fight again this year?

SS: "If it's an early niht I definitely want to fight again this year."

GL: Closing thoughts?

SS: "I want to thank you for the interview, I want everybody to tune in to ESPN on Saturday night, it's going to be an event that you don't want to miss."

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