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October 05, 2018

By G. Leon

What can boxing fans look forward to seeing from Jarrell Miller versus Adamek tomorrow night? I think we can expect an explosive performance. Tomasz Adamek is a former (light heavyweight and cruiserweight) champion and he's been consistently successful for a long time. For somebody to be that good at such a high level for so many years, you have to be a special person. The fact that he's over 40 years old would make you think he's over the hill and in most cases you'd be right, but he's a special guy who has to be taken seriously because he could always pull some of those old tricks out of his bag. This is really Jarrell's most important fight, on the other side of Adamek is a world title shot and a possible fight with Anthony Joshua. There's lots of big opportunities ahead for him, and I believe Jarrell is going to be very impressive and successful tomorrow evening.

GL: In your opinion has Jarrell already done enough to get a title fight with Anthony Joshua?

Dmitriy Salita: "Our next fight will not be Anthony Joshua, it will be for the WBA title, which is something we've been talking about for a while. After that fight then we'll be under consideration to fight Joshua, but we want to go into that fight as a world champion from Brooklyn, New York to follow in that line of Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe. The charisma that Jarrell has, it's what boxing needs. Boxing is show business and Jarrell has been sensational in the ring, but he's got the personality to back it up."

GL: Would you be shocked if Adamek went the distance?

DS: "I would be very surprised if he did. Interestingly enough he asked for it to be twelve rounds and not ten. He's in great shape and I've got a lot of Polish people emailing me and messaging me on social media, and they're telling me he's going to beat my man and they're confident and technically the fight is happening in his home town. I think it's going to be a fun fight, but I'd be surprised if he went the distance with Jarrell."

GL: Disappointing Christina Hammer news came out earlier this week. What can you tell us about the situation?

DS: "We're working on the details for rescheduling Claressa's fight, we're going to get her in the ring before the end of the year. Christina Hammer is a serious competitor and a long time world champion and she wants to be at 100% for this mega fight in the biggest women's fight of all time. She's not coming for a payday, she's coming to win and for that reason she pulled out because she wasn't 100%. We want this fight to deliver and live up to the hype when they both get into the ring, unfortunately these are the types of things that happen in this sport. We didn't know the extent of her having to pull back from training under doctors orders, so she's just taking it easy now, she's going to be better soon and back in the ring in the near future."

GL: What exactly is wrong with her?

DS "There will be details about that released shortly."

GL: Will Shoh be on Showtime next time out?

DS: "The root of his word is Showtime. We're working on a big opportunity coming for him. He just got a victory and he wants to fight the best, unfortunately a lot of the top guys are tied up with this junior welterweight tournament, so it's a little bit harder, but we're very focused, he's very focused and he's going to be back in the ring soon. We're going to have an announcement on that as well."

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