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September 13, 2018


According to a social media post from Ray Beltran's manager, Steven Feder, the now ex-champ suffered a serious hand injury in his loss last month: "We make no excuses, win or lose we take responsibility for the outcome. In victory and defeat there are always lessons to be learned.  In the third round [of his loss to Jose Pedraza which cost him the WBO lightweight title], Ray [Beltran] tore a tendon between his left hand and wrist making it difficult to use his most lethal punch, the left hook. By the eighth round, it completely ripped and that coupled with the extreme pain every time he landed a punch or attempted to block one obviously affected his performance. That said, Ray never used the injury as an excuse, not during the fight and not after. The only thing Ray has said since the fight has been, ďI want to get this hand operated on, I want to get back to camp, and I want to climb that mountain again and finish a championĒ Whether itís WBO, WBC, WBA or IBF, Team Beltran has one plan, [to] do what we do, fight, aim high, and get a world title again. At 37, Ray is as determined as ever, and taking nothing away from Pedraza, we know we didnít perform to our expected level of excellence... No matter who is next, we will not let the curtain come down without exiting as a champion. Itís over when we say its over and not a round before. We will be back soon. Our promoter Top Rank is with us, and supporting our quest as always." --Scott Shaffer

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