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August 08, 2018

By G. Leon

How's everything going in preparation for your upcoming fight with Alexander Dimitrenko on August 18th? Everything has been going well. I just look at it as repetition man, it's the same shit different day, but I'm working. I literally know nothing about the guy I'm fighting, I first heard of him when he fought Eddie Chambers back in the day, but other than that I don't know too much. I'm just focused on my abilities the same way I always do, my coaches look at what they need to look at and then we implement it an execute.

GL: It's going to be a Philly party on the 18th. You're on the show, Carto is on the show, Jesse Hart is on the show. How do you feel about fighting in AC?

Bryant Jennings: "AC is still considered home to me, it's right up the road. Fighting at home and being able to go right back home after the fight it's all good. It's work for me, I'm on the job. I'm just glad to work close to home. I've been training away from home, but after I take care of business at home I get to go right back home."

GL: This will be your third fight of the year. You haven't fought three times in the same year since 2012. I assume you're thrilled with the activity Top Rank has been giving you.

BJ: "For sure. I appreciate the movement and the belief system within my team and it is what it is, you could only ask for great consistency and great business and I'm going to give the part that I need to give, which is my effort."

GL: Do you see Dimitrenko going the distance?

BJ: "Not really, I don't see it going the distance. I don't honestly see no fight going the distance, but I take my time and don't rush nothing. I'm going to pick my shots, adjust the way I need to adjust and don't become the opposite."

GL: It's clear that you and Top Rank are building towards something much bigger, do you go into these fights with the mindset that these guys are quizzes for the final exam which is coming soon?

BJ: "Naw, I take everyone seriously. Everything is a test, it's just different levels of certain tests. I wouldn't call it a quiz, because a quiz is something that if you pass or fail it there's no difference. These fights are tests and just different levels. This exam is important because the next one is going to be even more important is how I'm looking at it. I'm focused on taking care of business and then it's on to the next one. That's how it is."

GL: Closing thoughts? I already you're not going to want to talk about what a win might lead to until after the fight, so we'll wrap it up right here for now.

BJ: "You could only take one fight at a time. Boxing is crazy and it's very unpredictable at times. Sometimes we could put all the stats together to create an outcome and then boom there's an upset. I'm just staying focused on what I've got to do and be on my A game and come out on top. I want to thank everyone for their support, I appreciate the genuine support. For those that don't support me it is what it is. I like to give my energy to my true supporters and people who admire everything I bring to the table, I am who I say I am...forever."

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