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August 07, 2018

By G. Leon

Greg Leon: Congrats on a fantastic performance. You made it look like easy work, can you give us some thoughts on the fight? 

Peter Quillin: "I thought it was a good fight to show that I'm not rusted like they think I am. I wasn't just sitting around, I was working, but at the same time I don't think this is the kind of fight that I should get a lot of credit for. 

GL: Why do you say that? 

PQ: Who has J'Leon ever fought? He was just somebody that they was talking about as a young guy because of his association with Floyd Mayweather, but through everything I really wanted to say that he was somebody who was a real threat, but Gabriel Rosado was his biggest fight besides me.

GL: You fought the fight like you had a chip on your shoulder and you were quite talkative throughout the fight. What were you saying to him?

Peter Quillin: "I was telling him that I was coming, I'm coming for you bro. When I catch you I'm going to hurt you."

GL: What about Floyd?

PQ: "I told Floyd it's funny how your hero can be your rival. He's sitting there cheering for the dude that's trying to beat me. He's the one who inspired me but it just lets you know don't have your hopes too high. I respect him talent wise for what he's done for the sport and he's probably inspired a lot of people, but for me being from Grand Rapids, Michigan, I've had no help from Floyd Mayweather at all. I've spoken to Floyd Mayweather two times in my entire career so it's not like me and him are the best of friends. I just have a great respect for both of being from the same place and him being where he's at right now."

GL: Where do you go from here?

PQ: "Wherever the sky takes me, wherever I'm supposed to be. I'm going to continue to work very hard and continue to connect to God, I think with me it's all about being obedient to God and letting him guide me to become a more powerful fighter."

GL: Did you feel disrespected coming into the fight because a lot of people were giving him a chance?

PQ: "Yo Floyd came to his fight and was sitting ringside cheering for the man. Exodus 14:14 says The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be silent. Isaiah 41:10 says So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous hand...I don't need no right hand man because the right hand of God is upon me, all of these things would make God a liar if they didn't come true bro."

GL: The sky is the limit, but you've been in this game for years so who would you like to fight next?

PQ: "I think a lot of guys were looking at me the other night and I don't think that I really have to mention any names because I think there's going to be a lot of guys coming for me. I've put names out there in the past and people thought I was arrogant for doing that. I'm just going to remain peaceful and deal with whoever crosses my path when the time comes."

GL: How important is it for you to stay active moving forward?

PQ: "I got probably 400 texts in my phone saying that I looked great and Animal Status is a real thing. I told everyone I'm going to be back in the gym right away, I want to fight as soon as I can because momentum is a real thing and it's hard to get in this business."

GL: What do you feel you need to improve on moving forward?

PQ: "Staying in the gym, staying active and not listening to people who are going to tell me what I can't do or who I am as a person. I'm going to keep what's true inside of me, I'm going to be a good father to my kids, a good husband to my wife and not add too much pressure on what I need to do or not do. I feel like God is with me and I'm in the perfect position right now."

GL: Closing thoughts for the fans?

PQ: "I want to thank you for the interview, I appreciate you for giving me the platform to put out my message since I first turned pro. Stay tuned because the best is yet to come. I hope people see me for who I truly am, I'm not a different Peter, I'm just exactly where I need to be in my life.....Peter's son closed the interview by saying, "Thank you for watching my dad!"

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