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August 08, 2018

By G. Leon

You're going to be fighting undefeated prospect Mykal Fox on August 18. What do you know about the kid? Why do you think you're going to ruin his plans? He's a young prospect, up and coming and range fighter who uses his jab and moves a lot like a rabbit. My game plan is to get close to Myke, go to the body and knock him out to the head. It's a great opportunity for him to try to beat an old veteran like me, but at the end of the day I stay ready. This is a fight I would not put my younger fighter in. I've been active for the last several years. I could see if I've been sitting down for years, but I've had four fights already this year. 

GL: What went wrong in your rematch with Vivian Harris? You won the first fight and were expected to win the second since he had not fought since the first. 

DeMarcus Corley: "I don't know what the judges were looking at. I beat Vivian clearer the second time than I did the first time and in the first fight there was a knockdown. I put on a boxing clinic and everybody seen it, I just don't know what the judges were watching. Then the promoter had the nerve to ask me what I thought about a third fight. I was like for what? I don't got nothing to prove."

GL: In this fight with Mykal Fox do you feel you have to be more aggressive than you normally would because he hasn't been in the ring with anybody as seasoned as you are? 

DC: "Not only that, I've got to be more aggressive because he's a long range fighter. He's probably 6'1 and 72 inches long, but just fighting a fighter that's from the DMV, that's a big rivalry when you're fighting each other because you don't want to be losing to nobody at home."

GL: As a former world champion who has competed at the highest level of boxing and been in the ring with th best of the best, how did you embrace the mentality it takes to become a human test for up and comers? 

DC: "At the end of the day I love to fight and that's what I got into the game to do, to fight and to keep my body in good shape. I'm very competitive and I look at my body as a temple. If you want to go out there and perform you've got to be in shape. It's like a car if you want to race you can't if you ain't have a tune up in a long time. I've got to keep my body moving and be ready for when the race starts. I got a phone call right after the rematch with Vivian and I said sure. They said I lost to Vivian and I know I didn't lose that fight hands down, so for to come right behind that and knock out another young prospect, what is going on with this older man?"

GL: A win in this fight would be a great look for you.

DC: "And it's on TV, which is the most important part for me because people are going to be able to see what I've got left. People who thought I was done will see me still making weight at 140, when I can make 135, so winning this fight will give me a lot of options."

GL: You're talking about not getting a fair shake against Harris in Memphis. Vivian isn't from Memphis and doesn't have anything to do with Memphis, Fox is from Maryland and you're fighting him in Maryland. Do you feel like you've got to knock him out to win?

DC: "I don't have to knock him out, I've just got to embarrass this young fighter and show him that he's in there with an animal that has 83 fights, not a regular fighter. He's going to feel my experience I promise you that."

GL: What is your goal now Chop? What are you trying to accomplish between now and the time you retire?

DC: "One shot at another world title. On top of that, getting my promoters license and start promoting."

GL: Closing thoughts?

DC: "I just want to thank everybody for supporting me through my long 24 year career. I look forward to becoming a several time world champion and I look forward to putting on a great performance back in the DMV. I haven't fought at home in 4 years, so stay tuned because I'm still out there."

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