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July 11, 2018

By Doveed Linder

In this interview, Vaughn ďThe AnimalĒ Alexander (12-0, 8 KOs), who campaigns at middleweight and super middleweight, discusses his upcoming fight with Denis Douglin (20-6, 13 KOs ), which takes place on August 4th on the untelevised portion of the Sergey Kovalev-Eleider Alvarez undercard.  Alexander also talks about his brother Devon Alexanderís upcoming fight with Andre Berto, and the September 15th clash between Gennady Golovkin and Saul ďCaneloĒ Alvarez.

DL: You are set to fight Denis Douglin on the Kovalev-Alvarez undercard.  What do you know about your opponent and what are your thoughts going in?

VA: I just recently found out that I was fighting this guy.  I had never really heard of him or seen any of his fights.  Not to say anything bad about him, I just never heard of him.  When I learned who I was fighting, I watched his fights and heís tough.  Heís a pretty decent guy.  Heís durable.  He fought a lot of names, but I just feel that he doesnít bring nothing that offsets anything that Iím coming to do, which is take care of business.

DL: What do you hope a win over Douglin leads to?

VA: Heís a tough guy and they want to see how Iíll do against him.  They want to see how Iíll look.  Iím used to guys like him.  Elvin Ayala was supposed to be a test, but I didnít see it as a test.  Heís just another guy I had to fight.  My job is to just get in the ring.  Itís about whose skill set is gonna outweigh the other.  Hopefully Iíll fight two or three times before the year is out.  I hope everything works out in my favor.  Iím just looking to put more wins on my record, so I can put myself in a position to fight for a world title. 

DL: Your brother Devon will be facing Andre Berto on the same night.  What are your thoughts on that fight?

VA: Iím definitely excited about that fight.  Theyíre actually fighting on the same day as me.  Theyíre fighting in New York , Iím fighting in Atlantic City .  They were supposed to fight on Showtime, but theyíre fighting on Fox.  Theyíre the main event.  But I feel that Devon has the better skill set.  He got to resurge his body and heís gonna do to Berto like he used to do these other guys.  He was on the downside for a while, because of the setback he had with the opioid situation.  He rectified that and heís ready for whoever.  I donít know how they had it a draw with Victor Ortiz.  Everywhere I go, people say that Devon won, but Devon took it with a grain of salt.  It was a judge thing Ė something we have no control over.  Devon looked past it and now heís in a better situation. 

DL: In 2003, you and Devon were regarded as two of the top amateurs in the country.  Hopefully you guys can enjoy that status together as professionals.

VA: Lord willing, thatís how itís looking.  Iím back.  Iím taking care of business.  Iím doing all the things I need to do to sustain my undefeated record.  Devon resurged his career and heís back doing his thing.  Theyíre looking for me and Devon to reign supreme in this boxing game.  Lord willing, it will happen.

DL: Gennady Golovkin and ďCaneloĒ Alvarez have a rematch coming up on September 15th.  What were your thoughts on their first encounter and what is your prediction for the rematch?

VA: The first fight, it was a technical fight in the beginning.  In all honesty, I donít see how they had it a draw.  Triple G won without a doubt.  I donít see how the judges saw the fight that way.  The second time, itís gonna be a good fight.  I think Canelo is gonna fight more.  And if Canelo fights him, itís gonna be a different ballgame.  Itís gonna be an early night with Triple G winning.

DL: Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

VA: I just want everybody to support me.  Iím working hard and taking it one fight at a time.  At the end of the day, the Alexander name is gonna be at the top.

Doveed Linder is the author of RINGSIDE: INTERVIEWS WITH 24 FIGHTERS AND BOXING INSIDERS, a collection of in depth interviews with various fighters, trainers, corner men, promoters, and officials, including ďSugarĒ Ray Leonard, Roy Jones, Jr., Angelo Dundee, Emanuel Steward, Larry Merchant, Bob Arum, Steve Smoger, and Jackie Kallen.  The foreword was written by Boxingtalk publisher Greg Leon.  This book is now available on

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