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July 12, 2018

By G. Leon

Hitchins wants more activity ASAP; expected to return in late August

What's the latest and greatest? When can we expect you back in the ring? I'm hearing it's going to be some time in late August. I haven't gotten any official date yet, but it looks like the end of August and that's what I'm training for now. I heard the Garcia fight is getting moved to September 8th now, so maybe I'll be fighting in September now, like I said I'm waiting for them to come back to me with the exact date.

GL: Have you been in the gym during these last three months off?

Richardson Hitchins: "Yeah, I've been in the gym. I've put in a lot of rounds of sparring and I'm not even in real shape yet and I've been helping out a lot of the top guys in my gym get ready for fights. There's a few guys in my gym about to get world title shots right now and I've been helping them out and keep my body active."

GL: It's good to hear, I was started to get concerned that it was going to be a repeat of 2017 where you went back to back in March and April to sit for six months afterwards. 

RH: "Definitely. Hopefully my team keeps me active, I'm just ready to get back into the ring."

GL: Are you pleased with your current level of activity? Does it need to be stepped up?

RH: "I'm not pleased at all with my current level of activity. I feel like I'm supposed to be 10-0 by the end of this year. Certain fights fell off, but all I could do is keep myself in shape. I can't really blame everything totally on my promoter because there were a few fights that fell through a few days before they were supposed to happen with opponents failing physicals and stuff like that. I'm just trying to stay busy and keep fighting."

GL: It's no secret that you're close friends with some of the top fighters in the United States. Does hanging out with guys like Broner and Gervonta motivate you to become successful? How do you view associating with them as closely as you do?

RH: "Tank (Gervonta) is somebody that motivates me from afar. To see somebody so young doing such great things, he's like the leader of the new school right. Being around Adrien Broner it's the same thing. Adrien is an OG, he's somebody that a lot of fighters like myself and Gervonta look up to, so to be around him and see some of the nice things he got, that stuff motivates me. Adrien is somebody I could relate to a lot because he's coming from where I'm coming from and we relate to each other a lot. It keeps me humble and keeps me wanting to work hard in the gym so in the near future I can have some of the things that they do. I want to provide a better way for my family and show the youngins that there's more than just a hood and all the crazy things that are going on out here. I don't want this generation and the next one to have their minds in a box because it's a great big world out there."

GL: When you go out to party and have a good time with your friends do you go hard like AB or ginger ale on the rocks it like Floyd Maywether does?

RH: "I'm not really a party person like that. I don't party a lot, I've only partied on block parties in my neighborhood or when it's a kids party like a 14 or 15 year old. It's definitely different now that I'm a little bit more high profile, I'm level headed though and my focus is on becoming world champion."

GL: Closing thoughts for the fans?

RH: "Stay tuned, I'm going to be back in the ring very soon. I'm staying in the gym cooking up, I can't wait to get back out there. I know deep inside the next year is going to be my breakout year and hopefully by 2020 we're going to be talking world title."

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