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July 09, 2018

By G. Leon

What's the latest and greatest? When can we expect you in the ring? I stay in shape and always train. I think I will fight sometime in the early fall.  I love fighting in the US and look forward to following up my previous victory with another exciting performance 

GL: You're coming off of a couple of solid wins, how would you like to follow them up? Who do you want to fight next?

Arnold Khegai: "I want to fight for the world title in the near future.  No one will stop me! Luis Nery, Rey Vargas, Ogdobe, Magdaleno, Roman I want all those guys."

GL: You came in at 120 pounds for your last fight, do you want to go down to 118 or will you stay at 122?

AK: "I will fight at 122lb."

GL: Is there anyone for you who, in your opinion, will become a real rival for you, so that you would move your career to the next level, the highest level? I would like you to name specific names.

AK: "All belt holders at 122lb are my target, no specific names. I want to fight the best!" 

GL: Were you nervous in your American debut against Adam Lopez a couple of months ago?

AK: "No, I was not nervous, there was a usual feeling before the fight, a little worried, but in general under control. I was happy to make my US Debut and am grateful to Showtime and Salita Promotions."

GL: What are some of the biggest differences between training in America and the Ukraine?

AK: "The biggest difference is sparring partners, in Ukraine it's hard to find World class sparring partners around my weight class.  The Ukrainian school of boxing is one of the best in the world as is evident by the great fighters that come from Ukraine.  I am going to be conducting some camps in the US which will help me." 

GL: Closing thoughts for the fans?

AK: "Thank you for the interview and thanks to everyone who is interested in my career, I will put on spectacular exciting fights for a long time to come!

Attached photo courtesy of Showtime

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