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July 05, 2018

By G. Leon

"F**k Canelo-he's dirty and f**k GGG, he doesn't want to fight anybody"

Let's get right to it brother, the news of you becoming a free agent came out last week. What's the latest and greatest? 

Demetrius Andrade: "I already know there's promoter's getting at you so what's it looking like? I'm just excited and happy and blessed to be in the place I'm in right night. I'm wheeling and dealing and things are in my own hands right now. Moving forward it's up to me to make the best decisions for me, my family and my team."

GL: What is the most important thing you're looking to get from your next promoter? 

Demetrius Andrade: "Honesty. Being honest and making things work while we go on the journey and the ride. Making sure that we're truth and we're building and we want to be a team, and longevity outside of boxing would be nice. I have a lot of stuff that I went through and I've been on the short end of the stick, so I learned a lot and I understand the business part from both sides. Coming in knowing that we're going to try to make the decision, while letting them know I'm here, I'm going to be physically ready to execute so the people that believe in me and want to see me make it happen, get ready. If the promoters interested don't come correct then I'll see you when I see you." 

GL: Were you ever in a real training camp for the discussed July 28th bout with Falcao?

DA: "You know nobody got any acknowledgement from me about taking that fight or anything like that. There's a NDA (non disclosure agreement) and that's what we're stuck to. We knew this day was coming, the promoters had to do what they had to do, but they had a NDA so nobody was supposed to know what was going on."

GL: It's been eight months since your last fight, do you feel it's important for you to get back in the ring asap?

DA: "Definitely the most important thing is to get right back on track and do the right thing that's going to secure my future and make sure there's going to be big fights in my future. There's nothing big out there for me right now and I have to be realistic, but I want to let the world know that I'm back in action and I'm here to become the new top guy. I'm not in a rush to do anything because I have a lot of time in this game and I'm excited, ready and hungry as ever and it's my time. I've waited patiently for it and here it is."

GL: I imagine the winner of the GGG-Canelo rematch is your preferred target correct?

DA: "After what I've been through, it's whatever happens. My dream is to become the GGG, to become the Canelo, to become the Mayweather. At the end of the day there has to be something enticing for them to get into the ring with me and right now there's nothing I can do to make them want to fight me. When Golovkin fought Matirosyan, how much did HBO give GGG?

GL: A milli.

DA: "Exactly, and that's what I'm saying. It goes to show who the big player is because that's not a lot of money. I'm not eager to get in there when it's the type of numbers where Canelo is the big star generating the numbers, so it would be likely that he would want to get in the ring with me than GGG because you see what he's getting paid if he's not fighting somebody on the elite status."

GL: You might not want to answer the question, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't ask it. Who are some of the people you have been talking to since you've gotten your release? Are there any front runners to acquire your services?

DA: "You know I have Ed Farris to handle that for me and he's coming to me with the paperwork and stuff like that and we're not going to leave any stone unturned. Everybody who is somebody that could make something happen, at the end of the day you can't come at me like I was 19 or 20 years old, just getting into the business. We're smarter and wiser now and we know what the game is."

GL: Who do you like in the Golovkin-Canelo rematch?

DA: "Honestly, f**k them. Canelo is dirty and GGG don't want to fight nobody. F**k them. Canelo is dirty and GGG don't want to fight nobody.

GL: What about Jacobs-Derevyanchenko? Since you and DJ are friends I don't expect you to MF him?

DA: "I like Danny. Danny is a friend of mine and we grew up together, but if everything makes sense and if it's life changing money for the both of us then I'm getting in the ring with no problem. I'm winning at the end of the day. The people like to say you're a fighter don't talk about money, but Canelo and GGG all they do is talk about money and the splits they're going to take. I'm willing to fight whoever, and we're in the business where one punch can change our life, so it's unfair for us to get treated poorly at a certain point of our career. I'm not saying that everybody has to be paid like Kobe Bryant or Lebron James in terms of their paychecks, but there's Deandre Jordan's out there, and Chris Paul's that are getting paid as well. When you step into that ring and you're a certain caliber, a certain elite guy, we shouldn't be discussing how much we're going to be getting in a negative way. It should be a positive discussion because we've worked our whole lives to get here. It's not easy to become a 2008 Olympian, it's not easy to become a two time world champion, if it was easy you'd be a two time champion and a Olympian, but it's not. I'm just trying to find the best situation to secure me and my family."

GL: Knowing how business works makes your next decision crucial. You've got guys like GGG and Canelo who are known HBO commodities, then you got Charlo who is a PBC/Showtime guy, then you got Danny Jacobs who has been fighting on HBO, but is with Eddie Hearn so he could be making the move to DAZN. I assume that's something that you and your management are taken into consideration since you guys know that making one move likely blocks other options. 

DA: "You're right, but I don't care about that no more. I've been doing that for a long time. I've been knocking at everybody's door. I wasn't signed to Showtime, HBO or DAZN and I could have wheeled and dealed with any of them. I think me fighting Willie Nelson on Showtime was the fight of the year as far as showing how to fight during a boxing clinic. Willie Nelson isn't an easy guy to fight and nobody did to him what I did. Clearly...I fought on HBO against Vanes and Brian Rose and Alantez Fox. Now I'm a position where I want to work with somebody that wants to make me a star. If these guys don't want to fight me still, then I'm not chasing anybody anymore because it takes two to tango. I'm looking to become the Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez kind of face of boxing. I want to become a guy that people want to see fight no matter who they fight, so I'm going to fight myself in a position to be that. I've got the skills, I'm tall, black and handsome, I've got the charisma and the chasing days are over."

GL: Closing thoughts for the fans?

DA: "Fresh squeezed orange juice is coming your way, we're turning lemon juice into lemonade it's me again!"

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