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March 13, 2018

By G. Leon

King Kong wants another crack at Bronze Bomber

Greg Leon: Now that you've had a little bit of time to analyze the situation, what do you feel went wrong in your title challenge with Deontay Wilder? 

Luis Ortiz: "First off, it was a great fight and I hope the fans enjoyed it. It's always great to be a part of history and be in one of the best fights of the year. You could look at the time that was given to him or what not, but at the end of the day true champions win and lose. I thought it was a great fight and I came up short. I look forward to redeeming myself soon."

GL: Do you regret not starting faster? 

Luis Ortiz: "Yes and no. The first four rounds weren't the most action, but I won all of those rounds. I could have obviously won the fight that way, but then when the crowd got restless the entertainer came out of me and I wanted to please the crowd. I wanted to go to war and close the gap, I got caught with some good shots in the process but I think the fans who tuned in will remember Luis Ortiz."

GL: Was there anything about Wilder that surprised you?

LO: "No. I expected his power and I respected his power. It's like I've been saying any big guy who hits you with a good shot is going to have power I was surprised with how he was able to with stand the storm. He showed a lot of heart and he's a true champion. After 40 fights for him I'm clearly the toughest fight he's ever had and I want to do it again for myself and for the fans."

GL: Do you feel the stoppage was premature?

LO: "I don't want to bash the referee more than the fans have already. Looking back in the dressing room we discussed rabbit punches and illegal blows and I feel like there was a lot of those throughout the fight. But I was able to take all of that. I went down in the fifth and I was able to come back, so I'm just looking forward to get another opportunity to fight him."

GL: You've been very vocal on your position that Wilder was given too much time in between rounds. Do you really think those few seconds saved him?

LO: "If you watch the telecast Paulie (Malignaggi) expressed how important that time was. If I could have been given twenty to thirty more seconds after I was knocked down in the tenth round do you think I would have been able to survive? Of course I would have. On top of the sixty seconds in between rounds he got another twenty to thirty seconds. But I don't want to cry over spilled milk, I want to fight him again or fight another contender to get to him in again. I have no problem earning my rematch."

GL: When can we expect you back in the ring and do you think you'll ever get that rematch?

LO: "I'm hoping to get back in by the end of the summer. From what I hear from the fans if Wilder doesn't fight Joshua then they want to see him fight me again. I'm the bigget threat out there to him if he doesn't fight Joshua and he likes to fight the best so if he doesn't fight Joshua next, the rematch probably makes the most sense for both of us. Wilder has now earned the right to dictate the terms. He gave me the opportunity and he won the fight, but I know he's looking for the best fights and since that's the case I don't see why he wouldn't want to give me the rematch."

GL: How have you been dealing with the loss? I imagine you've been quite disappointed because you came so close to dropping him and possibly stopping him.

LO: "It's been rough because I've been working towards making this history for my whole life. It's not just this training camp, it's my whole life. I was within seconds of achieving my goals. To be honest my friends, my family have been uplifting me and now I'm more known than ever before, everywhere I go fans are asking me for pictures. I can't go nowhere without fans asking about the Wilder fight and asking about the rematch. I look forward to getting back in the ring. All of the great champions have lost, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Mike Tyson, they've all lost, but it's about how you bounce back."

GL: Closing thoughts?

LO: "I want to thank Showtime, my management team, my advisor Al Haymon and most importantly the fans who tuned in. Everyone saw the numbers the fight did, Wilder is a big reason for that but people cared more about that fight because he was fighting me and now the rematch is the biggest fight out there for him if he doesn't fight Anthony Joshua."

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