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March 09, 2018


Here are the weights and officials for tomorrow night's Showtime broadcast from Deadwood, South Dakota: 

Interim WBC 140-pound title:
Regis Prograis 140 pounds vs. Julius Indongo 139 pounds

Referee: Ian John-Lewis; Judges: Jack Woodburn (CAN), Juan Carlos Pelayo (MEX), Rey Danseco (USA)

IBF 140-pound Eliminator:
Ivan Baranchyk 140 pounds vs. Petr Petrov 138 pounds

Referee: Mark Nelson; Judges: Benoit Roussel (CAN), George Hill (USA), Pasquale Procopio (CAN)

10-Round Heavyweight Bout
Junior Fa 256 pounds vs. Craig Lewis 247 pounds 

Referee: Mark Nelson; Judges: Rey Danseco (USA), Juan Carlos Pelayo (MEX), Benoit Roussel (CAN)




Indongos style is not basic at all but Im easy and Ive been able to make the adjustments Ive needed once they named the new opponent.

Hell probably try and stay on the outside, and as soon as I hit him hell try and box me. It depends on what I want to do. I might want to box him on the outside, or I might want to get on the inside and brawl with him. It depends on how I feel.

The next five weeks are going to be amazing for the 140-pound division. Its wide open and anything can happen. There are a lot of paydays out there.

Both of the guys that Ive been sparring with are bigger than me. They're real big, probably 20, 30 pounds bigger than me, and they're left-handed and they have a lot of power. That's what I'm getting ready for. Julius Indongo is going to look little compared to them.

"Indongo is a two-time world champion, so I dont have any complaints about facing him. When they told me about the switch, I was actually happy. They asked me who I wanted to fight and I said, 'Give me somebody good.' When they brought up his name, I said 'yes.' I knew he would eventually be a future opponent for me.

"I think he's good. He has deceptive power. He only lost one fight, to Crawford, and he definitely can't be ashamed of that Crawford is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters right now. Indongo is good, but at the same time, I think this is a real good opportunity for me.

"I just think this is going to be a great fight. You've got me I'm up-and-coming, I'm 20-0 with 17 knockouts, I'm going after the belt and to be the best at 140 pounds. Julius Indongo is a two-time world champion, and he wants to prove that he's still on top, also.

Ive been working mostly on my jab for this fight. I know the fans know all about my jab, but its going to be more powerful.

I lost to Errol Spence in the finals of the Texas State Golden Gloves and I think I can go to 147. I was in Florida and was standing next to Keith Thurman and I was bigger than him. So eventually I will go up.


I know that Regis is a very strong fighter, but my team and I have a game plan that I am confident in and I think that we will get the win.

I have had plenty of time to prepare for this fight with Regis. I was already training because I knew I had a fight in March. The late notice will not be a problem for me. I am ready to go.

The loss to Crawford did not affect me. Losing is a part of boxing. I took my loss like a pro and I am emotionally past it. Tomorrow night I will have a fresh start and will show that I am a better fighter because of it.

Im not going to change too much from my last fight just because I lost. I am going to keep my own style and just fine-tune a few details that I have to work on in order to win the fight.

I definitely want to give credit to Mark Breland and Deontay Wilders trainer, Jay Deas. We trained with them for two and a half weeks. We went to Tuscaloosa and they really helped us out and I think I really improved because of it. They were extremely welcoming and we will definitely be returning to train with Wilders team again.

Regis is a tough fighter. The credit he has gotten, he deserves. He is tough, resilient and gritty and we expect all of those things tomorrow night. We expect a very tough, competitive fight, but I am very confident in my own abilities.


I like my new trainer (Pedro Diaz) a lot. Its a completely different style and level of work that Ive never tried before. I watched a lot of video of him and I really liked the work that I saw he did with Miguel Cotto.

I feel as ready as Ive ever felt. I feel good. The training has been more focused on my technique. I feel like Im coming into this fight in great shape. Ive tried to stay disciplined in training. My trainer always says you win the fight in the gym.

I think that Im a strong fighter, but in boxing you have to be smart too. I have been working on my intelligence in the ring and how to manage my energy. In the past, I have wasted more energy than Ive needed to.

My opponent doesnt matter, the late change wont affect me. I am ready to fight whoever they put in front of me. My game plan is the same, I am going to come out strong, aggressive, intelligent and win the fight. Petrov is a good fighter but this is a good matchup for me.

I think its going to be a tough fight. Petrov is a good fighter with a lot of experience who has had a good career. But I have a long future ahead of me, too.

Tomorrow night Im going to show a lot of improvement in the technical aspect of my fighting. I feel that I have a very strong future in this sport and I want to be a world champion one day. Petrov is just another step for me.


My training has been good. The late notice should not affect me, I am always in the gym and always in good shape. I trained in Spain for six weeks before coming here, so I am 100% ready for this fight. It was an easy decision to take this fight.

I am always staying in the gym and always ready for a fight. The 11 month layoff was not by design, I was always preparing for a fight that fell through for one reason or another

I was not familiar with Baranchyk, but I have learned that he is an aggressive fighter that will come forward. My counter-punching and my angles will be very important in this fight. I am going to stand toe-to-toe with him.

I know that he is the younger, bigger fighter and I am taking this fight on short notice, but none of that matters. The only thing that matters is what happens in the ring tomorrow night, and I am confident that I will win.


I was really happy with my last fight against Latham. It was a real confidence booster for me. That fight was really important for me to get some exposure in the U.S. and start to build a fan base over here.

I like fighting taller opponents, because in the long run its really good experience for me. If I am going to compete for world titles, I need to be able to fight opponents that have the same size as me.

 Im a lot more confident now than I was in my previous couple fights. A lot of that confidence comes from the really difficult training camp that Ive had. Theres a real boost in my fitness and in my overall sharpness. I feel like Im in the best shape of my career, both physically and mentally.


Im an original Kronk Gym boxer, but now I train at Hands On Boxing Gym in Detroit. I was a former college basketball player. I went to Macomb Community College and Wayne State University. I was all about defense. I would knock guys down all the time. Id knock down guys who were 7-feet, 300 pounds. I figured if they couldnt get the ball, they couldnt score. I did the dirty work. I figured I might as well get paid for it, so I turned to boxing.

Junior Fas alright. Ive got to work the jab, and Ill make adjustments once Im in there. I switch up and fight southpaw. I dont have a time when I do it. When it comes, it just comes.

I think come Saturday morning the SHOWTIME boxing fans will say, wow, thats the new up and coming heavyweight. Im definitely a prospect and have skills. I have good hand-eye coordination. Its not just about power with me. I have real skills, and playing basketball helped me with that.


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