This is fight week, so I've been busy like you handling a lot of media responsib">
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March 09, 2018

By G. Leon

Greg Leon: How has everything gone in preparation for your ESPN fight against Erick De Leon [17-0] on Saturday night? 

Andy Vences: "This is fight week, so I've been busy like you handling a lot of media responsibilities and just waiting for that bell to ring. I'm ready to go on Saturday night, and I tell a lot of people who have seen me fight in the past that I've developed as a fighter. I'm not the same guy I used to be and that's a fact. I fight differently in every fight. This is going to be a hybrid 'Tiburon' performance and I'm ready to go. I've been preparing for this fight since before January so I can't wait. I'm mentally and physically prepared, so now it's all about taking care of business on Saturday night."

GL: What do you know about De Leon? What do you think of him as a fighter?

AV: "I know everything about Erick. I don't know about his heart, his will or desire in the sport of boxing, but I know his accomplishments, I know he was a standout amateur, I know as a pro he's been very aggressive and strong with a come forward style. I tell a lot of people what I look for in a fighter is improvement, has the fighter developed over time? Or has he just gotten stronger over time? I feel like Erick hasn't really stepped up in class with an opponent like me, with somebody who's going to be there to counter his power, I think a lot of people have been doubting my power and speed, but they're going to learn differently after Saturday night."

GL: What would a win over De Leon in front of a big ESPN audience mean to you?

AV: "A win on Saturday night is not only big for myself, but it's going to guarantee financial security in the future for me and my family. The future is going to look great after Saturday night, I'm going to get this win, look great and then have a new goal after this fight. I do have an end goal, but I don't focus on the end goal, I focus on the next step towards it. "

GL: What do you consider your biggest advantage coming into the ring?

AV: "Everything. Speed, power, footwork, size, length, reach, knowledge as a pro. I feel like I'm more well rounded as a fighter."

GL: Other than victory do you have a prediction?

AV: "It's going to end with a stoppage or knockout by me. I don't think it's going to go more than eight rounds, maybe not past six. It all depends how he's reacting and able to take my punches. It all depends on how he reacts to that eight ounce glove landing on his face, the uppercuts. That goes for me to, the great thing about boxing is one punch can change anything. I'm looking forward to do my job and I've been working hard in the gym and I feel like I've perfected my plan, so I just can't wait for Saturday night."

GL: Closing thoughts?

AV: "Everyone tune into ESPN. Those of you who will be in the building can expect a special entrance into the ring. It's going to be a great night."

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