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December 06, 2017

By G. Leon

Kings Promotions poised for another busy year in 2018

Greg Leon:  Congrats on a great event last Friday. Can you give us some post-fight thoughts on the card? 

Marshall Kauffman: "Top to bottom it was probably one of the more exciting cards in Philadelphia history. There were great match-ups.  It was a great crowd, a sell-out crowd. It was the kind of night you look for in terms of boxing. It was great competitive matches and overall something we put a stamp on, in terms of these being the kind of fights the Philly fans can expect to see more often. 

GL: Omar Douglas got back into the win column with a quick first-round KO. When can we expect next for him?

MK: "Omar is with Al so that's an Al Haymon question, but I think they're working on Omar getting back into a high-profile fight that will put him in a position to fight for one of those world championships. This weekend you've got Tevin Farmer fighting for [the vacant IBF 130-pound] title and I think he should win it.  I think a fight with Omar and Tevin would make a lot of sense because you got guys from Delaware and Philadelphia."

GL: Brandon Robinson was dominant and won a clear unanimous decision over Christopher Brooker. Can you give us some thoughts on his performance?

MK: "I thought Brandon did what he was supposed to do. I feel that Brooker didn't take advantage of some of things that have brought him success in the past, like being aggressive. Brooker was trying to box a lot and that hasn't been his game, he looked confused. He didn't know if boxing or brawling was going to win the fight and it got to the point that Brandon Robinson was dominating and it got to the point where he was just holding on. But I think the future is bright for Brandon Robinson. He's a bit older so we have to move him fast, but he really shined and did what he was supposed to do."

GL: Tyrone Brunson also did what he had to do against Manny Woods. I spoke to Ty and he wants to fight for a title against Jarrett Hurd. What's on deck for him?

MK: "Brunson has gotten better with every fight. He really has. He showed me with Woods and Quarles that he has the boxing ability with the punch to go with it. He was flawless the other night from round one through round eight when he stopped him. He boxed him, Manny Woods couldn't touch him and he was landing bombs every so often. You could see Manny Woods get hurt and he's got a heck of a chin. I've been in talks with the IBF and he'll be moved up to the top 15 in the world. We'd love to fight a Jarrett Hurd or Erislandy Lara or any of the guys at 154 that have a belt. Ty becomes a very live opponent in those fights because he has the great equalizer with his power. In my opinion, he's the biggest puncher at 154. He's 26-6 with 24 knockouts, so I think a lot of the top guys are going to try to shy away from him, but Brunson deserves the opportunity to fight for that world title."

GL: Marcus Bates also scored a last-round stoppage. I know you're high on him, how did he look?

MK: "He was boxing and showing a bit of his counter punching ability, but his father who trains him, told him to stop playing around after the fifth round, and sure enough in the next round he got the guy out of there. He has power in both hands and all has to do is turn on the gas and I think he can get anyone out of there at 122. What he wasn't doing was stepping on the gas. He was being very patient and looking to counterpunch, maybe he was working on something, who knows? The bottom line is that he got some rounds in, he got the guy out of there in the sixth round and now he's 8-0 (7)."

GL: He's itching to fight Chaise Nelson who has a win over his broter Jordan Peters. Is that fight realistic?

MK: "I would love to make that fight happen. It's a fight that qualifies as a co-feature or main event. I'm going to get both of them another win and then I think we're going to match them up in a ten round fight."

GL: Brunson, Bates, Fox, when I talk to these guys, all of them are happy with their activity, but they want to start fighting on TV.

MK: "It's not only the exposure they want on TV, it's the bigger checks let's be honest. I have a new contract with Eleven Sports and I have eight shows that I'll be doing with them in 2018, plus I have another series of shows that I will be announcing in the next week or so. It's going to be a great 2018 for these young athletes because they're going to get the exposure they want and they're all going to have to step up their games and fight better opposition at the same time. At Kings Promotions we don't cherry pick guys, we want the best fights and best possible match-ups."

GL: Other than the series you teased, how many cards to plan on promoting next year?

MK: "I've 15 dates in the State of Pennsylvania alone. Five at the 2300 Arena, five at the Sugar House Casino and another five at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem. I've got plenty of other things I'm working on that will be announced soon including several dates in Texas as well."

GL: Closing thoughts?

MK: "It's been a great year for boxing a great year for seeing the progression of the fighters. It's been a sad year as well by losing Desmond Hammond, who was not only a key part of Kings Promotions, he was also my nephew. We're going to keep trucking though, we've got some new signees, like Joe Hanks who I just signed. He got back in the win column against an undefeated opponent the other night. There's some good things for Joe Hanks in the future and I'm very excited for 2018."

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