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December 05, 2017

By Ivan Montiel

Mladen Miljas survives double knockdown

Ivan Montiel: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on becoming the Canadian heavyweight champion this past weekend with a second-round stoppage of Dillon Carman.  There was a double knockdown in that first round. What went through your mind as you hit the canvas and saw your opponent down at the same time?

Mladen Miljas: Well at first I knew I had connected but once I was on the canvas, I was confused.  I thought, what am I doing here?  Then I looked over and saw my opponent down as well and was like oh good.  Once we both got back up we looked at each and touched gloves and well kept fighting.  Itís a rare moment and it was funny to see that kind of stuff happen.  

IM: It sure was a rare moment.  Now once you were able to knock down Carman in the second round, how satisfied were you knowing that Dillon wasnít getting back up?

MM: Well I knew what the end result was going to be, especially after that double knockdown.  My corner kept telling me to stay calm and thatís what I did.  I knew I would eventually get Carman just as long as I kept to my game plan.  

IM: I heard your trainer Billy Martin yell ďBox!Ē

MM: Billy Martin doesnít get enough credit for what he does.  He is such a good trainer that if it wasnít for him I donít think I would have ever been successful throughout my career and this fight.

IM: In my opinion, Billy Martin doesnít get the respect he deserves.

MM: My trainer is a good trainer . Heís never mentioned and doesnít need to be mentioned.  The work my trainer puts in with me everyday is the satisfaction he gets.

IM: You guys have a very good chemistry.

MM: Yes we have a very good relationshipÖ more than just a boxer and his coach.  

IM: Are you back in training already?

MM: Yes of course I just got back from training, I will be sparring with Franz "Frankie" Rill [a 13-2 heavyweight] to help him with his upcoming fight [in about two weeks].  Frankie helped me get ready for this fight so I am doing the same for him.  I am also training hard because I want to keep myself active as always since I am hoping to fight early in the New Year.  I want to fight as soon as February...  I do not want to take any time off.

IM: Hold on a second, are you telling me you wonít be eating for the upcoming holidays?

MM: I will eat just as long as I train itís not a problem! (Laughs) 

IM: Going back to your fight with Carman, what did you say to each other after the fight?

MM: Carman said ďFuck you got me, good fight.Ē He was respectful.  We have a long history and we both respect each other.  I now respect him even more.  I said to him that he didnít have to take this fight and that I didnít have to take this fight.  I respect Dillon Carman for taking this fight.

IM: Thatís what boxing is all about, seeing the fights that fans demand.  This was a fight that many Canadian fans wanted to see for quite some time.

MM: Many people were saying to me why not fight Dillon Carman and my answer was always that I want to fight him therefore I am glad this fight finally got made.  I believe I was a huge underdog coming into this fight.  I wasnít supposed to win.  I took the chance thinking to myself I know I can beat Dillon Carman.

IM: Now 2017 is ending. It was a year in which you have been very active. Will 2018 be as active for you?

MM: Yes. I wish I could fight more times a year, this year I fought five times next year and I hope to fight at least six times.  

IM: Keeping active is what helps you win fights. Itís helped you a lot throughout your career.

MM: I am a fighter thatís what I do. I am growing. I want to improve, therefore I am going to keep fighting more consistently.

IM: Do you have any opponents in mind for 2018?

MM: No I am like a hit man.  Put an opponent in front of me and I have no problem fighting whomever.  I donít turn down opponents.  

IM: Now that you have the Canadian heavyweight strap do you think many will want to fight you or will they avoid you after seeing the outcome this past weekend?

MM: I am not sure but if some opponent calls out my name, it will piss me off.  I hope someone calls my name out because that will motivate me even more.  Whenever an opponent signs a contract to fight me I get upset. I think to myself this guy thinks he can beat me!

IM: Last of all, what message would you like to say to all those whom went to Niagara Falls to support you?

MM: Thanks for the amazing support, it motivated me. I feel very blessed and I appreciate all the support. I am going to always carry myself as a respectful guy, which is what I think a Canadian heavyweight champion should look like.  And thank you Ivan for always taking the time to talk.


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