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December 05, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: How did everything go in preparation for Saturday night? It went very well, I'm happy. I worked hard, I sparred great and I'm looking forward to putting on a show on Saturday night. GL: What do you know about your opponent, Luis Fernando Molina? I know that he's a very tough guy, he's solid and he hasn't been stopped before. He's aggressive, so he's going to be in my face, he's not going to be moving a lot from side to side, so I think it's the perfect guy for me to put on a display. To be honest with you Greg, I feel like I'm going to knock him out in the fourth round. 

GL: When you're in there with a guy who hasn't been stopped before, does it make you look for the knockout more than usual?

Michael Conlan: "I never go into the ring looking for a knockout, but on December 9th, I believe I will knock him out in the fourth round. However many rounds they put me in I'm ready for, I'm fit as a fiddle and strong as an ox, and right now nothing is going to stop me. I believe that this guy is going to come forward and he's probably going to pose some type of a threat and if it goes six rounds then it goes six rounds, but I don't believe it will."

GL: How do you feel to be a part of such a historic night of boxing with two two-time Gold Medalists fighting each other for the first time?

MC: "Listen, I'm hugely grateful for this opportunity as always. For me it's really special to be on this card because I have an extensive amateur background also. These are guys I looked up to in the amateurs and in the pros. I think it's going to be a great main event. It's going to be something that's not to be messed with and I'm thankful to Top Rank for having me on this card. I also know the reason that I'm on this card is because I can fill that Garden. I sold out that room in my debut and I'm a big factor when it comes to the ticket sales for this one also."

GL: Who do you like in that fight?

MC: "It's a tough one. I've been leaning towards Lomachenko for a long time, but I don't know now, the more I've been watching Rigo train, it's difficult to call. I'm still leaning towards Lomachenko, but it's going to be very close."

GL: This is the first time that you and Shakur Stevenson will be on the same show. How do you feel about being on the same card with him for the first time? 

MC: "We're just two guys on the undercard right now. It's smart for Top Rank from their point of view to have both of us on the card, but it's just another day at the office for me it doesn't matter who else is on the card with me. Everybody on that card is going to be a potential opponent at some point of my career."

GL: Does looking more impressive than he does on these undercards, where you know Bob and everyone else is watching, mean anything to you?

MC: "As long as I do my best I'll be happy, I'm not worried about other people's opinions. It all comes down to how you perform and I plan to do so very well on Saturday night."

GL: I know you're focused on Saturday night, but it was originally your plan to fight in Ireland before the end the of the year. 

MC: "It's definitely going to happen, it's very important to me to fight over there and it's going to happen next year. I believe we have a date locked in for June. There's no fans like the Irish fans and once I bring a show back home it's going to bring everything to a different level. Frampton's fan base is unbelieveable and I plan to have the same."

GL: Closing thoughts?

MC: "I'm looking forward to Saturday night, this is going to be great victory for me, but you've got to stay tune because the best is yet to come."

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