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December 04, 2017

By G. Leon

Former champ willing to take pay cut to do things the right way

Greg Leon: It wasn't the outcome you wanted with Jarrett Hurd. You were in control of the fight for the first half of it, but then appeared to slow down. Do you think you faded because of your lack of activity? 

Austin Trout: "I think that was the biggest thing, my lack of activity. I have to give Hurd credit though, he has a tremendous will because I hit him with some sh*t. If I had a fight before that fight, I definitely think it would have been a different story.

GL: With that being said how important is it for you to get back in the ring relatively quickly in order to get your rhythm back?

Austin Trout: "It's very important. I had one fight in the last two years, but now that I've fought I've got to get a fix in the next four months. I feel like I can't do that again. I can't be sitting out so long and then come back against one of the top guys in the division. The world has yet to see the best of me and that's because of the inactivity."

GL: Are you willing to take the financial cuts that will likely come with you being able to stay busy?

AT: "If I have to take a pay cut then so be it. Me being at my best and staying busy will give me more money in the end."

GL: Have there been any talks about when your next fight might take place?

AT: "Nothing yet, but I'm in the gym."

GL: What was the experience of being the official score for the Julian Williams-Ishe Smith fight like?

AT: "It was a good experience. The judges ain't see it the same way that I did because I had Ishe winning a good scrap. You have to take your hat off to Ishe because that's the best I've seen Ishe in quite a while. I thought Ishe won to be honest."

GL: I've heard that you've turned down fights with Julian Williams in the past, is that true?

AT: "Not at all, I've never been offered a fight with J-Rock. I don't know where you're getting that, but there's never been a list of names that he was on. Had I beat Charlo he was going to be my mandatory and I was going to have to deal with him, but that didn't happen."

GL: What's your MO at this point? Are you looking to get a couple of comeback type wins to get back into rhythm? Will it be one of those? Two of those?

AT: "Just one of them I think. We just had a rough fight so if we jump right back in there then we won't have to worry about ring-rust. I know I'm not going to get a top dude coming off a loss, but I want to get the win and then jump right back on it. I should have had one of these before the Hurd fight. The division is very strong and there's a lot of names out there. I know Ishe is going to want to fight again and I shouldn't be out of a job for long."

GL: Closing thoughts?

AT: "I'm in the gym y'all and I'm just waiting for that call. I will become world champion again, and for those who don't believe watch how I prove y'all dead wrong."

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