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November 14, 2017

By G. Leon

"I'm the best junior welterweight in the world! Everybody who knows boxing know that!"

Greg Leon: What's the lastest and greatest? When can we expect to see you back in the ring? 

Regis Prograis: "That's what I'm trying to find out too. I talked to Lou DiBella and it might be in February. It may be Viktor Postol... it's supposed to be Viktor Postol. I'm just trying to figure it out. 

GL: If it's Postol [who is 29-1 and a former WBC 140-pound title holder], will it be for a belt? 

RP: I think it will be for an interim title or something like that.

GL: Are you disappointed that you haven't fought in five months and aren't getting another in before the end of the year from the looks of things?

RP: "Of course. I'm always in the gym training and I'm always ready to fight, but there's a business side of things. I can't really do nothing about it, but of course I'm definitely disappointed."

GL: Is the Postol fight solid?

RP: "It's supposed to be. I went to the WBC convention and they said that they made me and him a mandatory challenge. I think it's supposed to be a mandatory fight, but in boxing you never know because you still have to deal with networks, promoters and managers."

GL: How do you feel about [undisputed world champion] Terence Crawford's move to welterweight? It really opens up the 140-pound weight class.

RP: "It's good for him of course and he's going up to try to get the money and get bigger fights and stuff like that, which he's supposed to do. Now the division is wide open and I know I"m the best fighter at 140. Most people who know boxing know that already. I don't see nobody standing in my way at 140."

GL: Who are some of the other names you want to see at 140?

RP: "They've got Amir Imam and he's the only one that's in front of me. They've got Amir Imam as #1 and then I'm #2. Now Jose Ramirez is supposed to be fighting Amir Imam and the winner of me and Postol is going to fight the winner of that. Right now my main focus is on getting that WBC belt and then taking it from there."

GL: How does a fight with you and Postol play out?

RP: "I feel I stop him. You never know in boxing, but I feel like I could stop him. He's long and rangy, but he's been hurt. In last fight he got dropped and hurt and he was fighting a nobody, but I know the guy was a southpaw just like I am. I think I bring a lot more power, especially from the southpaw stance. Everybody knows me as a power puncher, but I've got so many more tricks in the bag. I feel like if he can bring some of those things out of me, the fans are going to be in for a treat, but I think I stop him and he doesn't go twelve with me."

GL: He hasn't been too active, would you look to jump on him early?

RP: "It all depends on how I'm feeling. I might want to go out there and put on a beautiful boxing performance or I might want to go out there and bang him out. In my last fight I wanted to go out and destroy, so it depends on where my mind is at before the fight."

GL: Closing thoughts?

RP: "Thank you for the interview, I appreciate you calling. I'm always sparring, I'm always training, I'm always ready I'm just keep my weight down and playing the waiting game to see who we're fighting next. I'm the best at 140 right now and I feel people should know that. Sergey Lipinets just got a little [IBF]  belt on him and I wasn't too impressed with his performance. I'm going to first grab that WBC and then go after the other belts one at a time."

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