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November 13, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congratulations [on your win over Bermane Stiverne]. That ain't take long. Thank you. Yeah man it was easy work. I spoke that before the fight and I said it was going to be easier the second time around than the first time, and everything I said before the fight came to pass. Everything. I tell people that when I say things I speak them into existence because I really believe what I say. My mouth is a translator to what my heart wants to say, I speak from my heart and things come to pass.

GL: That was some straight Kong shit the other night. You put your chest, moved him left and the party was over for him. Did you envision it going down so spectacularly in your mind?

Deontay Wilder: "It's visualization. I always meditate what I want to do in and outside of the ring. That night I just let myself go. I trained my body for it to have muscle memory and everything that I did was just off muscle memory. My body reacted to the situation, I didn't really think much during this performance. I know that I'm the best, I know that I hit the hardest and when you have all these attributes and you know the truth, no matter what they naysayers may say as you come up, if you know the truth it will set you free."

GL: Even though you didn't really want to fight Stiverne again, does the fact that now you can say you've knocked out everyone you've faced serve as a silver lining?

DW: "Most definitely, 100%. The thing about coming into this fight, we knew that no matter what we did we had to look good doing it. I want the knockout and I wanted to be able to say that there isn't a man I've faced that's gone the distance with me. My main objective was to look good winning, even if it went the distance. I wanted the knockout and I'm glad it went the way it did, but my top priority was to look good."

GL: What did you think of Anthony Joshua's recent performance?

DW: "I think it was ok. I wouldn't say it was bad. He won, so I think it was ok. I definitely disagree with the stoppage, it was premature and the referee should have never stopped that fight. Takam deserves credit because he took a lot of punches from Joshua. I just think he was taking harder shots earlier in the fight than the ones he was taking when they stopped it. They also gave Joshua more time with the cuts and were just stalling, when the referee had the opportunity to stop it, he did. But when people watch a heavyweight championship fight they want to see his body do funny things or make funny shapes that the human body isn't supposed to make. They want to see freakish look that Stiverne just had when he was using the bottom rope like a pillow. They want to see freakish stuff and that's what makes me the most exciting heavyweight in the world, period."

GL: Would anything other than Joshua next be a let down as far as you're concerned?

DW: "As far as I'm concerned we're at peace and chilling. They know what they need to do and we know what we want to do. He has options and I have options as well, but it's like I said before I'm not going to chase another king. I've stated what I wanted and they've got the message loud and clear. Now it's up to him to put on his big boy pants and make the fight happen. Either that or he's going to stay sitting while he piss like he's been doing. With Hearn, I advise him to try and stop making excuses because every time he does it now he's putting himself further in the hole and people aren't going to want to listen to their message. The champ has spoken. People have woke up from that brain washed mentality they were in with regards to me and it's only going to get bigger and bigger. God doesn't make mistakes and I'm here for a reason, not just only as a leader of men, but to bring boxing back to the top where it belongs."

GL: Four of your last six fights have taken place in Alabama. If you can't get Joshua next can we expect to see you continue to further your brand in your hometown?

DW: "Most definitely. I always want to have shows here if I could because it feels good to bring revenue and excitement to my home state. Home is where the heart is and this is where my heart is and I will continue to do shows here for the rest of my career. This is where I started from, this where I came from and this is where I'm going to end up at. This will always be home for me and my heart will always be here even though I want to build my brand elsewhere also, but home will always be home for me."

GL: When can we expect to see your next fight take place?

DW: "I would like it as soon as possible. I've only gone one round and I'm still good, but I'd like to see it happen sooner than later. We're going to see what happens with the Joshua situation and then we'll see what happens, but I'm ready to go right now, so we're going to for the fastest possible date against the best possible opponent. I want to give the world what it wants. If I don't get Joshua this time around, stay patient because we're going to get him. With the fans help we're going to force him into it. This could go one of two ways, they could step up to the plate or continue to be scared making this another Lennox Lewis-Riddick Bowe affair. If he throws those belts away I'll be glad to come and collect."

GL: Closing thoughts?

DW: "To all my fans, especially the ones from day one, we did it, we're here and we finally made it. We've had our ups and downs, but everything that's happened to this point has only helped us appreciate the ups even more. You can't appreciate the ups without going through some downs, I love you guys so much. For those who have finally come on board, I welcome you with open arms. Let us come together as one. One champion, one face, Deontay Wilder baby! Bomb Squad!

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