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October 11, 2017

By G. Leon

New York prospect in action on Lara-Gausha undercard

GL: How has everything gone in preparation for your October 14 bout at the Barclay's Center? It's been good, I've been putting in that work in training camp and I'm just prepared and ready to go. GL: How do you feel about being on this card featuring three junior middleweight title fights? I don't feel too many ways about that, that's not a big part of it to me, I'm just happy I'm able to big on the same card with my big brother Erickson Lubin as he's about to win his first world title. He paved the way for me so watching him get that belt is going to mean a lot to me.

GL: Why haven't you fought since April?

Richardson Hitchins: "I can't really tell you. I was just waiting for the call from my promotional company. I was supposed to fight in July but the fight fell out, so the next card was this card and I jumped right on it as soon as they gave me the call."

GL: What do you know about your opponent Roy McGill?

RH: "I don't know too much about him. I know he's undefeated and he's coming to fight. I know he's older and he's got to see me next Saturday night."

GL: What are you hoping a victory on Saturday leads to?

RH: "After this one I'm definitely moving up to six rounders and I'm definitely looking to jump back into the ring as soon as possible. I'm looking to fight three more times before the end of the year is over. If the opportunity to fight on November 4 presents itself I will be ready."

GL: This is your third pro fight and all three have happened at the Barclay's Center. As a Brooklyn kid, how do you feel about having all of your fights at home?

RH: "I'm happy. I'm building my fan base in Brooklyn. I have a lot of fans at home an my plan is to take over my city first before I take over the world. Everything is just one step at a time. My fans didn't get to see me fight much as an amateur, but now they get a chance to see me develop and watch me grow."

GL: Other than victory do you have a prediction?

RH: "I don't really have no prediction. The guy is undefeated and he's coming to fight, my pro debut was against a guy who was undefeated and came to fight, so I don't know. I do know I'm going to win and it could end quick or it could be a long night, I'm ready for whatever. All I know is I'm a killer and I"m coming to kill."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

RH: "I want to thank all of my fans, I want everybody to watch me on October 14 as I get my third pro victory. Follow me on social media @richardsonhitchins and on twitter @heisrichardson."

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