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October 30, 2017

By G. Leon

Porter on Granados fight: Winning isn't good enough, I must make a statement!

GL: How is everything going in preparation for Adrian Granados? What can we expect to see from you on November 4? Preparation is good. We haven't stopped moving at all. I've been training and we've been expecting a match before the end of the year. We've picked everything up now, we're sparring hard and we got a few weeks to go. I'm looking forward to getting in there with Granados. I know he's going to try to come forward, he's going to try to pressure me, he's going to try to wear me down. But I think he knows that I'm not going to stop, I punch hard and I'm fast. You could expect me to outbox him and work the power in from there.

GL: What are your thoughts on Granados as a fighter? With your two styles can this be anything but an action fight?

Shawn Porter: "I expect this to be an action fight, but I expect it to be a one sided fight. I know two things about Granados, one is he's tough and the other is that the big name guys he's been in there with have fought him wrong. I'm going to outbox him, use my speed, use my movement to put him out of position and capitalize from there. That's how you beat Granados and that's how you look good doing it."

Kenny Porter: "I actually haven't studied Granados at this point, I've just looked at some highlights with him and Adrien Broner. When they fought live I was unable to watch it, but at this point I know he's a rough and tough fighter who comes to win."

GL: Not too many people have been in a rush to fight Granados since the Broner fight. What made you guys decide to want to fight him?

SP: "It was the guy that was presented to us and it was the guy who was willing to get into the ring with me before the end of the year and that's what we wanted. We wanted to fight more and fighting this year meant a lot to us, so everybody who watches this fight or comes out to the Barclay's Center is going to get good action and get what they paid for."

KP: "I'll just echo what Shawn said, fighting again before the end of the year was something we couldn't pass up. Now I see guys like Danny Garcia saying he never got a phone call about Shawn and he saw that we wanted to fight him. I'm pretty sure that he's aware that Shawn wanted to fight him, we could have fought for a WBC interim title. I'm sure he knew the WBC said that they should fight for the mandatory and I'm sure that he knew that we have been calling repeatedly asking to make the fight. For me when I see stuff like that I don't appreciate it, because it's like you're spitting on me and telling me it's raining. I don't appreciate how after the fact when we sign a deal with somebody else, that's when you're coming out saying you'd knock him out. I never got that memo during the whole time we were trying to make the fight. But Granados is the guy we're going to go at like he weighs 1000 lbs. After that's over with, the Danny Garcia's of the world and Keith Thurman's of the world, I hope they're ready to fight and I hope they got their little sebbaticals out of the way so they could get back to the business."

GL: Is this the kind of fight where winning isn't enough, you have to be impressive in order to keep the pressure on Thurman?

SP: "For sure. With a guy like Granados who has been in the ring with some big name guys and has topped some of those big name guys, and has come up just short a few times as well, the only way I can separate myself from those other guys, to show the level that I'm on is to outclass him. But this is nothing new to us, this goes back to when I first started boxing, I never wanted to just win the tournament, I wanted to be the best boxer in the tournament. I carry that same mentality with me in training and in the ring when I fight. I'm fighting the co-main event and I'm looking forward to that, but my fight will be as exciting or more exciting than any other fight there that night."

GL: How do you feel about being the co-main event to a heavyweight championship fight?

SP: "I'm excited. It was unfortunate what happened with Deontay's opponent, he's like a big brother for me so I'm glad he's still able to fight with Stiverne. I'm not sure how many people are looking forward to seeing that, but I'm definitely going to get everybody up on their feet for Deontay. I'm looking forward to fighting right before him, we've been around the world together and we have a lot of great moments and memories together and I'm looking forward to continuing that on November 4."

GL: It was 2015 the last time you had a fight that didn't happen at the Barclay's Center. How do you feel about fighting there for the third time in a row?

SP: "I'm looking forward to it. I know what is expected of me and I know now what to expect from the Barclay's and from Brooklyn. Those fans out there they come out and show support and I've got fans from all over the country going there to support me when I fight there. It's definitely become somewhat of a home for me as far as boxing goes, it's going to be a fun night for the fans and I'm looking forward to it."

GL: Will Granados go the distance?

SP: "No!"

GL: Do you concur with that Kenny?

KP: "For me it's like a home run hitter in baseball. We never want to swing to hard and strikeout. If we just make contact and continue to make contact, as the innings go by I think we can get him out of there."

GL: What are you hoping a victory over Granados leads to?

KP: "We're already the mandatory to fight Keith, this is just something that we have to do to stay busy. We're the mandatory to fight Keith and when this fight is over with I don't expect that Shawn will be in the ring with anything else. Keith needs to get himself together so we can get this done. We're already the mandatory for the fight, Danny doesn't want to fight, because we were going to take that before we got to Keith, but Shawn shouldn't be saying anything else other than Keith make this deal or vacate this title."

GL: I thought Granados beat Broner, who do you think won that fight Shawn?

SP: "I didn't think he won, but I could have been a little biased at that point, having not known Adrian Granados that well. I thought he roughed up Broner a bit and Broner fought the wrong fight. But I guess given his name and what he's done to that point I still feel he deserved the victory over Adrian Granados."

GL: Based on how you feel about the Thurman fight you shouldn't be talking about scoring fights on names. (laughs)

SP: "I know there's a lot of people who think Broner lost, and I know that there's a lot of people who feel like a draw might have been fair, but it's like I said Adrien Broner fought him all wrong and it's my job to get in there and show them how to do it."

GL: Do you consider Granados a more difficult challenge than Andre Berto?

SP: "I think at this point he should be, I wouldn't be getting in the ring with him if he wasn't."

GL: Closing thoughts?

SP: "I'm looking forward to the fight, back in Brooklyn. It's going to be a great night of boxing, come see us!"

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