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October 09, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: How's everything been going in preparation with Lara for his upcoming bout versus Terrell Gausha? Camp is going great. Lara is in great shape, his weight is already down and he's ready to go. He's winding down now and we're looking forward to fighting in Brooklyn again and putting on another spectacular show.

GL: The last fight he had with Yuri Foreman the result was a foregone conclusion. Has he been approaching the undefeated Gausha any differently? Is there more urgency?

Ronnie Shields: "Lara takes everybody seriously. He's been in boxing all his life and he knows that you can't take everybody lightly. We push him very hard in the gym every single day. This is his time to show everybody that he's the best junior middleweight in the world."

GL: What are your thoughts on Gausha as a fighter?

RS: "I followed him as an amateur when he went to the Olympics as a middleweight. He turned pro as a middleweight and then he moved down, which I thought was a good move for him. He's a decent fighter, he's a respectable fighter and he's a guy you can't take lightly because he's a undefeated guy, but Lara is in a different class and he's got to make him aware of that."

GL: What are your thoughts on this card with the three champions in three separate fights? Must a show like this lead to unification?

RS: "Absolutely it has to lead to that. You're putting the top three champions on the same card and that doesn't happen very often, so they have to make a tournament out of it now. Somebody has got to fight somebody in their next fight. All of the champions have said that they want to unify the titles after this spectacular event so we're going to see who steps up to the plate."

GL: Lara has already been in there with the best, but this is like a quantam leap type of step up for Gausha. Is Lara going to look to pressure him early since Gausha has never been on this kind of stage before?

RS: "I don't give away my game plan, but Gausha has never seen a fighter like Erislandy Lara except for on tape. He's never been in the ring with a guy like Lara. He's got no idea what it's like to be in there with a guy like Lara and we're going to keep it that way until the bell rings."

GL: Do you see the fight going the distance?

RS: "I never predict knockouts. Lara isn't the kind of guy that likes to train for knockouts, so we always train for a distance fight. We're working on a lot of different things and we've got two game plans for this fight and we're going to see which one it makes more sense to use once the fight starts."

GL: Who do you favor in the other two fights?

RS: "I've been concentrating on Lara, but I think Jermell Charlo should be a slight favorite. I used to train Jermell so I know what we were doing with putting him in the ring with a lot of good fighters and having him go the distance to prepare him for fights like this. I think he's got to be a slight favorit and with the other fight I favor Trout because of his experience in the ring. Hurd is the champion, but Trout's experience makes him the favorite."

GL: Closing thoughts?

RS: "October 14 is going to be a great night of boxing. We're getting three world championships on one night and it's going to be great."

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