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October 30, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: How has everything been going in preparation for your November 4 bout versus Shawn Porter? Everything is going great man. It was a great surprise. I wasn't expecting this to happen. I was getting ready for a bout on October 14 and I wasn't really promoting it because it was an off TV fight against a guy I should have beaten. I was just happy to be back into the gym and getting ready to get back into the ring, but then I got surprised when we got the offer for Shawn Porter. I was like oh man I've got to jump on this. I really wanted to move down to 140, but for a fight like this and then with the WBC throwing the silver belt on there, it became an offer I can't refuse. I took, I've continued with preparation and I'm excited to be getting into the ring on November 4.

GL: So the plan was to go to 140 and everytime you try to get out of the welterweight they pull you back in. (laughs)

Adrian Granados: "Pretty much. And I'm true to my word, I want to be back at 140, but if there's a fight at 147 that makes sense I'm going to take it and that's exactly what happened."

GL: Does landing this fight make up for you getting the short end of the stick versus Broner?

AG: "I think this was past due. I think that was a close fight and I should have gotten the decision, but I think it's past due because Adrien has fought a couple of times since then. I wasn't looking for anything high profile, but the fact that I wasn't able to get anything for these past seven months is why I think it was past due. It was frustrating and I was pissed, I got a little vocal on twitter, I had little back and forth's with Regis Prograis and Amir Imam and I'm not one to use the internet because I'm old school, I figured I'd leave it to my management, but we're in the social media era so I figured with me maybe talking some stuff it'll ruffle some feathers and help me get back into the ring. We almost got it done, but I don't know what happened. I wasn't hating on Regis or his team, I know he was ranked number two and with my inactivity my rankings were decreasing. I know Lou DiBella was like why are we going to take a risk with Granados? We're almost there for a title shot already. There were other fights we were talking about that never happened also. We were talking Rances Barthelemy, we were talking Mickey Bey for the Mayweather undercard, we were talking Danny Garcia at one point. There were fights there, but I kept getting the same stuff that I was high risk low reward, so I tip my hat to Shawn Porter and thank him for giving me this opportunity."

GL: What are your thoughts on Porter as a fighter?

AG: "Strong fighter, tough fighter, always in good shape and always ready for a fire fight. It's going to be an exciting fight between me and him, I think it's also going to feature a lot of skill. We came up in the amateurs in the same years and we both had good amateur records. It's going to be a good fight and I'm really excited."

GL: How do you feel about fighting at Barclay's Center?

AG: "I've been there twice, but to watch other fights. I was there for Frampton-Santa Cruz and Thurman-Garcia, so to be there fighting myself now it's like a dream come true, I'm really excited and I can't wait for this fight."

GL: Some people Porter takes his physical style to the next level and is borderline dirty. How do you feel about his tactics?

AG: "He's aggressive. It is the way he fights, there could be stuff that's borderline dirty, but that's just his style though. He's a big body, he's a former football standout and he likes making it physical because he's used to that. I've met Porter and he was a stand up guy with me and who knows somebody could be different inside the ring than the are on the outside, but I'm not really worried about that. I'm just getting ready for my fight and I'm going to do what I have to do to get my win."

GL: What are you hoping a win in this fight leads to?

AG: "A world title shot or another high profile fight. I would like to make some demands after this, I think winning this fight will give me a little respect to stop being on the B side, and to stop being toyed with during the negotiations. I'm sure this fight there's going to be a fair shake and I need this win and I'm going to make sure I'm going to get it."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

AG: "Thank you to everybody who has helped keep my head up and spirits alive. I'm going to get this win and people can look forward to an exciting night of boxing at the Barclay's Center on November 4."

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