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September 11, 2017

By G. Leon

Actually Floyd paid Arum $750,000 to get out of the Top Rank contract, so as to dodge Margarito. Considering that deduction, he actually fought Baldomir for $750,000 less. It certainly seemed Arum was setting up Floyd to be sacrificed to Margarito so he could build up his next big Mexican cash cow, Floyd saw the writing on the wall and escaped to the safe protection of Haymon, Goossen and Baldomir who played soft in their very boring sparring session. Floyd was amazing at 130 and 135 but he always managed to dodge the most dangerous tests. Good fighter, almost borderline great fighter, but all his ducking and excuse making disqualifies him from all time great discussion. True greats don't want or need protection. Only counterfeit greats do. I remember reading Sugar Ray Leonard said Floyd Jr wasn't even as good as Floyd Sr. Bring back those old BT archive interviews with the legends! 

Leon's Response: It is correct that Floyd paid Arum to get out of the contract. Arum made a mistake by even putting the buyout clause in the contract to begin with. It is incorrect that Floyd made $750k less. Haymon either paid the money to Arum himself or made it up to Floyd on the back end if Floyd cut the check. Mayweather is too good to be sacrificed to anybody, but Arum was definitely look to keep the fights in house. Mayweather was already an established welterweight by the time he fought Baldomir instead of Margarito. He fought Castillo (another Top Rank boxer) in his lightweight debut. Was Arum trying to sacrifice him then as well? It's not like Castillo or Margarito had the crossover appeal to ever become a superstar. LOL @ borderline great fighter. He's an all time great fighter, one of the best 25 to ever lace them up last time I checked. Good idea with the archived interviews, I'm going to listen to take your advice on that one.

I know I'm late & agree with your article BUT how can you knock Floyd for not fighting Manny if he thought Manny was taking PED's which has weight after watching the rapid decline & Antonio after the hand wrap scandal. Why fight fighters not playing fair? Keep up the good work. -DJ

Leon's Response: Floyd didn't fight Manny over PED's. Floyd didn't fight Manny because he would have lost. Margarito's cast wraps are another story, but if we're going to speculate about Manny being on PED's, we can speculate that Floyd was as well. How many boxers have you seen come off long layoffs more than once and look like they never lost never lost a step? Pacquiao beat De La Hoya like he stole something, slept Hatton, battered Cotto, turned a top level welterweight like Clottey into a heavybag and almost killed Margarito at a major weight disadvantage. Floyd knew that fight was a problem and waited until it wasn't before he decided to go through with it, a credit to his matchmaking eye since he made more money for a much easier fight.

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