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September 07, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: I spoke to your father recently and I know you're training for an October, so how's everything going in preparation for your next fight? I'm out here in Houston, Texas and I started training like two or three weeks ago. Obviously the hurricane caused a setback so I wasn't really able to train. The hurricane has been a huge disaster here in Houston, but throughout the disaster it was heartwarming to see how people were coming together to help each other. We don't get hurricanes in Pennsylvania, so it was a very humbling experience. I just want to fight and one thing about me is I don't care who I fight and I'll fight anybody. I'm not like these made up champions who pick and choose who they fight. I want to fight the best win, lose or draw I'm coming to take your head off and you're going to have to try taking my head off.

GL: Who is on the list of potential opponents?

Travis Kauffman: "Charles Martin's manager had called about me fighting Martin on the undercard of Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz and I was like hell yeah, let's take the fight. A week later I get a message on facebook asking me if I would like to go down there and spar with him. Me being the asshole that I am, I said no because I'm trying to fight you and if I go down there and knock him out then they're never going to want to fight me. I'm not a measuring stick. You're going to use me like Klitschko used all of his opponents by sparring them first. There's really nobody on the list yet, just put in the ring with biggest and baddest son of a bitch in the world and I want to fight them.

GL: You've could come back with a tune up on plenty of your pops undercards by now, but you're making it your business to ensure that you're next fight is a significant one. Why is that

TK: "Number one is I'm a single father with three boys. Doing tune ups don't pay my bills. If I had one kid then maybe, but I have three. People say we're in there to become a champion and of course that's the number one goal, but we're in there to make money to feed our family. If I fight a tune up what am I going to make a few thousand dollars? What's that going to do? Put a win on my record? I don't care about getting no names on my record, I want big names on my record. Mentally I've always wanted to fight the best, mentally I'm the toughest MFer I know. Mentally I'm always ready, so I don't want no tune-ups. People can say you went out there and lost to Mansour. It was a close fight, but you lost, why not just go back out there and get a win, but my goal is to go out there and beat one of these big names and get a win that way. I'm 32 years old and my record is 31-2. I don't want to do this much longer, I want to do this for another two or three years and then be done to enjoy life with my kids and still have my wits about me. I do this to make money, I do this to make a lot of money. I don't make a lot of money (laughs), I want to make a lot of money  and the only way to do that is beating a guy with a name. I can't do that beating a no name. The only way I can go out there and make some money is by beating a big name, that's what I want to do."

GL: What did you think about the Mayweather-McGregor fight?

TK: "I called it. I actually thought it was going to end a little earlier. Mayweather dragged him along. It was an amateur in there with a pro. People say McGregor did better than we expected, yes, because Floyd allowed him to do better. Let's face it McGregor is probably physically stronger than Floyd without a doubt, so he was able to weather some stuff and push Floyd around in the early rounds, but Floyd knew he couldn't last. In the third round McGregor was getting tired and that's when Floyd started to apply the pressure. He let McGregor beat himself."

GL: That shit was a joke to me.

TK: "It was a circus act, a clown act. But I'm very happy for them, but there's so many other guys who have been putting their life on the line in boxing and they can't even get close to making a million dollars. You have this motherfucker who never fought a day in his life in the squared circle and goes and makes $100M. Fuck that. Publicity wise they marketed him so well, but he didn't deserve that. But props to him and Floyd for making all that money, just give me seven figures and I'll be cool. (laughs)"

GL: There's a couple of guys coming up that look to be on the verge of fighting for titles in the near future, I'm talking about Jarrell Miller and Adam Kownacki. How do you feel about fights with those guys?

TK: "I would love to fight Adam Kownacki or Jarrell Miller. I think Miller is very talented, but he's a big boy. You have to really question if when the pressure is on him is he going to be able to stand that heat for ten or twelve rounds. Adam Kownacki is very aggressive, but still very green. He fought Artur Szpilka at the right time because he's washed up and I don't think he needs to fight anymore. And that's not me talking shit based on my previous feuds with him, I'm just a big fan of health and I don't want to see nobody get hurt. When you're getting stumbled by a jab it's time to call it quits. Big props to Adam for handling his business. I sparred with him when I was in camp with Adamek. He's a very tough kid. Not the biggest puncher, but he's very aggressive and he's relentless, but I would love to fight that guy. That would be boxing 101, that's counterpunching all day with him."

GL: Those are the kind of fights that get you right where you want to be.

TK: "I would love to fight with Adam. I believe we got a phone call, because I sent Al Haymon a letter asking him where I stand and they called us back asking if we wanted to fight Adam Kownacki, Dominic Breazeale or Issouf Kinda. I told them I prefer Breazeale, because Adam just fought and if I want to fight him I'm going to have to wait till next year and I want to fight now. I'm in a position where unfortunately these guys have better wins on their records than I do. I should have had that win with Arreola and I feel like I won the fight with Mansour, but it could have been a draw. One judge had it 117-111 which was ridiculous. I asked the judge after the fight how did he get that score and he told me it was because he was the aggressor. But Mansour was boxing the whole night, so I was like whatever and kept it moving. I think Kownacki is a great fight, I could box and I could be aggressive too. I'm very versatile and Adam is a straight forward so I think it would be a good clash of styles. I come to fight and I come to please the fans."

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