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August 07, 2017

By G. Leon

Bring on Lomachenko Vs Rigondeaux or Salido rematch

GL: Congrats on Lomachenko's great win. Can you give us some thoughts on his performance? What can I say about it? I don't even know how to describe it. I don't think anybody in the divisions from 140 pounds down can beat this man. His performance was fantastic and people love it. Fight after fight he shows how he can handle a ring. He shows not just boxing skills, now he's giving a show. You never know where he's coming from. In one fight he can be like he's chasing a bull and in another fight he's totally different. He's a character.

GL: He moved up in weight because he couldn't get the fights he wanted at 126 lbs. I know you guys were looking to secure a more marquee opponent than Miguel Marriaga, but he was the only guy willing to fight Lomachenko. Do you think because Lomachenko got a bit marked up the other night, maybe some of these big names will fight him because they see he's human after all?

Egis Klimas: "We're all humans and we all make little mistakes. Everybody looks for the mistakes we make, not too many people focus on the fantastic. Of course some do, but most of the people look for the bad side and how to criticize others. When he got marked up, the blood actually came from the head butt, but of course he's the one who was caught in the position for the head butt to happen. I don't think this fight is going to make it any easier to get opponents, because now we've found out he can really take a punch. Marriaga came into the picture maybe three weeks before the fight. We were preparing for Salido. We were told it was a done deal we were going to be fighting Salido. Then three or four weeks before the fight, Salido is not happening. The reason why? It looked like he agreed on the money, but then his hand was hurt, then he can't make weight and then we were fighting Marriaga."

GL: What are you hoping is next for Vasyl?

EK: "I hope and I really hope to shut Rigondeaux the f**k up. I really hope we can make that fight happen."

GL: Are you guys beyond the Salido rematch at this point? Is he now off the radar because of the BS you just described?

EK: "No. He's not off the radar. We would like to fight Salido, but the fight has to happen, according to Vasyl in his next few fights. Let's say like within the next year. If it can happen within a year we would like to fight Salido just to take that damn mark off of his career, but we are not chasing him. We don't chase anybody."

GL: You mentioned Rigondeaux as a possible opponent. Are you concerned that his defensive cautious nature would make for an ugly fight with Lomachenko?

EK: "Listen, I don't care who steps in the ring with Lomachenko it's going to be an entertaining fight because Lomachenko is in the ring. Who cares what Rigondeaux's going to do?"

GL: Gvozdyk fights in two weeks on the undercard of Terence Crawford. What can you tell us about his next fight?

EK: "He's facing a guy that's 17-1. I'm very excited to see Gvozdyk because he's rated high in all of the organizations and according to most of the reporters in boxing they think he's going to be the next champion in the light heavyweight division."

GL: In terms of name recognition Craig Baker is a step down from Chilemba and Gonzalez. Are you concerned Gvozdyk might be taking this fight lightly?

EK: "I'm not concerned at all, Gvozdyk is preparing like he prepares for all other fighters. He's going to be ready to fight."

GL: What's next for Sergey Kovalev?

EK: "He's in Russia, he's resting and getting his head and soul cleared. He's coming back in September and we're going to be looking to get back in the ring before the year is over. I've heard in the media that it could be November 25, but I don't know if that's going to be a date or not. Hopefully he will be back in the ring before the year is over. We're going to start talking about when he gets back in September."

GL: Usyk will be fighting Huck on September 9 correct?

EK: "Yes, in Berlin, Germany."

GL: Do you think he got a tough draw for the first round?

EK: "I believe it was the toughest guy he could have picked and he picked it himself. That just means a lot to me. He wanted to fight Huck."

GL: Obviously this cruiserweight tournament is a fantastic thing for the boxers, the money is great and the division will be unified, but after two fights on HBO do you think the amount of eyeballs watching Usyk fight will go up or down?

EK: "I don't know much about what the organizers of the tournament are trying to do as far as a network in the United States. Listen, at this point it really doesn't matter. What matters is going into to the tournament, he can make a ton of money and come out a four belt undisputed champion. Then he can come back and draw anything he wants. At this point the audience it really doesn't matter. The tournament is only going to be nine months so it's going to be over quickly and fly by. If everything is successful he's coming back with four belts, stepping into the heavyweight division, how the f**k can you beat that?"

GL: Closing thoughts for the fans.

EK: "Stay tuned, Klimas boxing will be coming more this year and in 2018!"

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