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August 07, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your recent victory. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? I had a great performance. I didn't expect it to go like that with me coming out and the first shot I landed the fight was over, but it was beautiful. I loved it, especially after how my last fight went, so it was very nice to come back with an impressive win in front of my hometown fans, so I feel great."

GL: Would you have liked to get more rounds in during this comeback fight?

James Gordon Smith: "I would have loved to go more rounds, but it went that way and I'm happy that it did so I could get right back into the gym and get another fight under my belt."

GL: The fight lasted like thirty seconds, do you feel that you need another comeback type fight to get tested a bit and make sure you've made the necessary improvements before stepping it up again?

JGS: "Yeah I totally agree. I want at least another comeback fight just to see how I respond to getting hit back. I want a tougher fight. I never expected it to go that quick, I wanted somebody that's going to go some rounds."

GL: How it feel to get the impressive win at the MGM Grand in Detroit and get the bad taste of the Greer fight out of your mouth?

JGS: "It felt great to get an impressive win in front of a lot of the same people that were there last time. It really did, it was great."

GL: Have you received any indication from Dmitriy Salita as to when your next fight might take place?

JGS: "I'm hoping it's in the next couple months or so. This fight went so fast that I'm probably going to be back in the gym getting ready for the next one on Monday. I had no struggles at all, no problem making weight so I'm going to be back in the gym working on the same things we've been working on during this training camp."

GL: What did you think about Claressa's performance?

JGS: "Oh man she looked great! She beat that girl like she stole something from Jesus. Oh my God she did. I watched her opponent fight a few times and she looked alright, but once Claressa started putting hands on her, oh man. I thought it should have been stopped sooner."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JGS: "I'm happy that the fans came out to show support. I'm sorry it went so fast, but you don't get paid for overtime in this sport, I just want y'all to keep on following my career because I'm on my way back up to where I need to be."

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