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August 07, 2017

By G. Leon

RingStar prospect back in action next month and on Leo Santa Cruz card

GL: Congrats on your recent victory. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? Thank you. I started off a little slow and I really wanted the knockout, but you can't always get the knockout. I learned some things in the fight that I need to work on a little bit more. When I get on the inside I need to not let my fight get glued, I need to angle off the ropes before I get there, I need to stay true to my jab a little bit more. A lot of times when people fight lefties, they don't jab as much so I'm going to focus on using my jab more even when I'm fighting a southpaw. Those things, using my jab and using my angles are what I'm going to work on for this next camp.

GL: How did you feel going your first four?

Money Powell IV: "Oh it felt great! I'm conditioned to ten rounds with no problem and could probably do twelve depending on the pace of the fight. I work so hard in the gym that four rounds is literally like a one minute fight to me so it's no problem at all. But it's good that I got the rounds in me because I knocked the other two guys out pretty fast. My coach had even asked the matchmaker to get me a guy that would force me to go all of the rounds just to see how I feel. But I felt good, I felt great and my next fight is going to be a six rounder."

GL: Is that the one that's scheduled for Paris on October 6?

MP4: "I believe that Paris date has changed because Richard Schaefer really wants me to fight in different places. He wants me to fight in Texas next month and then on the Leo Santa Cruz card on October 7, so the plan is to keep me busy and keep me fighting in new places."

GL: Was there anything about Lazano that surprised you?

MP4: "Not really. I already knew he was going to be a tough Mexican. He's only been stopped once and the guy that stopped him was a super middleweight. It wasn't anything that was flashy or anything that surprised me, he was just a durable guy."

GL: A durable guy who lost a point for hitting on the break in round two. Did those tactics surprise you? Was that something you had to adjust to?

MP4: "Yeah, that's another thing. Sometimes on the inside he would use his head a lot and put it in my face. When he hit me on the break I wasn't expecting it, but that's why they say protect yourself at all times. It didn't hurt or anything and he's had fourteen fights or something like that and I know a lot of those fights down in Mexico are rough. They come with a rough game plan and nothing to lose, but it helped me learn and grow as a professional some more. When he got in my face, I knew this guy didn't care, but I learned on that. It's something I have to work on in the gym myself, how to use my head, not to headbutt, just to move it around and stuff on the inside. The dirty tactics just gave me a reminder that this is a fight and at all times you've got to protect yourself because some guys with nothing to lose will not care."

GL: So a couple of days off and then right back into the gym to get ready for the next one?

MP4: "Always. You always have to be in the gym, I just took a couple of days off and then it was right back running and right back on the grind as usual. Like I said I want to be the greatest of all time one day so work never stops from me. It's not like work to me because I love what I do, this is fun for me. Some people get nerves before a fight, I just get excited. I may get a little nervous during the ring walk, but once I get into the ring it's my playground, I love it, that's where the fun happens."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to stay in closing?

MP4: "Just keep supporting me because one day I will be the greatest of all time. I'm going to keep working hard, so if you support me I really appreciate that because without the fans I wouldn't be where I am today. They are just as vital to me as anybody on my immediate team. I also appreciate you calling me and doing an interview with me, it really means a lot and I appreciate your support."

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