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August 03, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your victory, can you give us some thoughts on your performance? Thank you. I went in there with a game plan and I honestly really liked the fight. The fight had nonstop action, there were times were he would catch me and then I would come back and there were times where I would catch him and then he would come back so I really enjoyed the fight and I'm happy I came out with the victory.

GL: Have you watched the fight since it happened?

Chris Avalos: "Yes I have and I have to fix some mistakes that I need to work into the gym, but that's the same thing with every fight."

GL: What are your thoughts on how the fight ended? Do you think there was any controversy to it? Do you think the cut that stopped the fight was caused by a punch or a clash of heads?

CA: "When I was in the fight I saw when I hit the kid that it wasn't caused by a head butt it was caused by a right hand. His eye started bleeding right after I connected with a right hand and then the blood started flowing down his face. I told myself in that moment that I was going to start working on that cut so I used the jab and double jab to open it up. It wasn't a head butt and that's for sure. There was a couple of head butts, but he never got cut by one."

GL: Are you interested in exploring the rematch with Flores or now that you've gotten the win is it on to bigger and better things?

CA: "Honestly, if the money is right I'll give him a rematch, but that all depends on what my manager (Mike Criscio) wants to do."

GL: Do you look at that win as a borderline career saver?

CA: "Definitely. I think it was a win a very good win for me to get back on track, so if the money is right I'll do the rematch if not I'm going to move on to bigger and better things."

GL: Is there anyone specific that you'd like to fight next? If you had it your way who would you be fighting next?

CA: "I'll fight anybody, anywhere, anytime. I want to fight against whoever is going to get me the best opportunity and the most money."

GL: Are you back in the gym already? When would you like your next fight to take place?

CA: "Yeah I'm already in the gym and we're already talking about next month or in October."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

CA: "I'm happy that I'm back with this win and I'm excited for the future."

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