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August 03, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your victory, can you give us some thoughts on your performance? I would say I probably give myself an A on that. Even though I got more work to do with staying on the inside and working more, but I could say what won the fight was the jab. I think a lot of people haven't really seen me use the jab that much and the jab was winning the fight. Even though I wanted to get into the brawl and bang and get into all of the crazy stuff that I love doing, I kept hearing coach Barry (Hunter) saying stick to the game plan and get back to the jab. I went twelve rounds with ease and I made him look like he didn't belong in the ring with me if you ask me.

GL: What made you decide to move down to 115?

Rau'Shee Warren: "I think that after I stepped onto the scale for my last fight with the guy ZZ, I came in at 116 and was like dag I should move down to 115. Then one of my people who's working with my manager said maybe we should go down to 115 and get some titles down there. That's what I did and I wound up stepping on the scale at 113. For this camp I didn't drink any juice or gatorade, I drank nothing but water. I ate just fruit and stuff like that, I had a very good diet and I wasn't cramping up or nothing, so after I get this belt at 115 maybe 112 will be next."

GL: You took the words out of my mouth, I was going to ask if 112 was a possibility since you came in at 113 for this fight.

RW: "Yes, it most definitely is and it's something that I've gotten into my head. These are the weight classes I wanted to win a gold medal in when I was at the Olympics anyway, so winning a world title at that weight would be even greater."

GL: Have there been any early indications as to when your next fight will take place?

RW: "I know I'm going to be fighting for the title before the end of the year and I know that for a fact."

GL: That would be your third fight in twelve months which is fantastic activity for a fighter of your caliber.

RW: "Yeah it is. There's nothing like having a fight before Christmas."

GL: What was it like fighting at the Barclay's Center on the Garcia-Broner card?

RW: "It was good. That was my second time fighting there, the first time was when Broner fought Paulie. One thing about New York is they tax everything man. They take so much out your purse that you don't want to go back."

GL: Was there anything about Arroyo that surprised you?

RW: "Nope. Not really. He was doing the same combinations throughout the whole fight. He was trying to rush in and do a fake and go with the left hand to the top. I studied that and knew that if I stopped his left hand I would win the fight. He was pretty basic to me so once I took that away with the jab there wasn't any surprises. This was actually my second time fighting with him because I fought him at the junior Olympics when we were amateurs."

GL: I know you're pleased with your performance because you gave yourself an A, but is there something that you were looking to do that you didn't? What do you feel like you need to improve on moving forward?

RW: "I didn't work enough in the clinches and on the inside instead of just sitting ther and being calm. I should have been more of a bully than I was. I should have pushed him around a bit more because the ref let us work so I feel like if I would have done that I could've stopped him."

GL: Do you feel like you're going to have more power now that you're competing south of 118?

RW: "Most definitely. I'm definitely stronger at this weight and with me learning how to sit down on my shots more now it's going to play a big part in my next couple of fights, especially this one coming up with me fighting for the title."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

RW: "Just be looking out for Rau'Shee Warren getting that title man, I'm brining the belt back home. I'm letting the Pit Bull loose and I'm not holding back man. I'm going to get what's mine and hopefully if ZZ still got the title, I plan to have the titles at the lower weight and then come to see him for my WBA title while I'm still champion at 115 and 112."

GL: That's some Henry Armstrong shit right there if you pull that off.

RW: "And nobody has done it in these weight classes, so that's my goal right there."

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