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August 02, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your victory. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? Thank you. It was a tough fight because he was an awkward fighter and he was a little dirty. He used his head a lot and he was working on the inside when the ref would say break, but I came through and got a good victory.

GL: Was there anything about Sanchez that surprised you at all?

Noel Murphy: "His power. His power surprised me, he had good enough power and hit hard, but that was about it."

GL: What are you hoping this win leads to?

NM: "I'm not sure. Hopefully a New York State title. That's what I've been aiming for, so we'll see what Lou DiBella has in mind and see what he comes back with."

GL: This was your third eight round win in a row, are you hoping your next fight is a ten rounder?

NM: "Yes. And if it's for a New York State title it will be a ten rounder."

GL: Have there been any early indications about the date of your next fight? I know there's supposed to be shows coming up in New York on October 14 and November 4, are you hoping to return on one of those cards?

NM: "I haven't heard anything from DiBella yet, but my manager probably knows. I know I want to fight as often as possible so if I could get two more fights in before the end of the year that would be great."

GL: Was there anything that you wanted to do with Sanchez that you failed to accomplish? What do you feel you need to improve on following that win?

NM: "I think maybe just staying calm. Like I said he was a dirty fighter so I think I could have stayed calm more and I think I fell into his plans a bit in a couple of rounds and that worked against me."

GL: DiBella said you passed your test against an undefeated fighter and now it's time for a step up. Do you agree?

NM: "Absolutely. That's the way it has to go. Boxing is a sport that just gets tougher and tougher, so that's got to happen."

GL: Are you hoping to make an appearance on Shobox in the very near future?

NM: "I would expect that. I think normally Lou DiBella's fighters make appearances on Shobox when they're 11 or 12-0 so I'm ready for that as well."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

NM: "Thanks again. The fans came out in force and showed support for me and Katie Taylor and we took care of business for them."

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