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June 19, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your victory, Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? My honest thoughts on my performance are, I give it a C, not a C+, a flat C. The crowd was into it and they loved it. You know the fans always love it when they see me, but I feel I could do a lot more. I got a lot more to show the fans, but it was a great experience. I've got a lot more store for next time.

GL: It was a six round unanimous decision. Are you disappointed the fight went the distance? Anything about the Martino surprise you?

JaRico O'Quinn: "Yeah, I was kind of beating myself up about going the distance, but you know he's a Mexican and he's got a tough chin. He's got different styles, but I adapted to them all and was able to outbox him. I knew he was going to be coming, so there wasn't really anything he did that surprised me. He was a little bit difficult too hit, but I overcame that obstacle."

GL: What was it like going the distance for the first time in nearly a year? Were you comfortable after six? Did you feel like you could go six more?

JO: "Yes. My conditioning was A1, I could have easily gone more. I'm happy the fans were pleased with my performance and I'm glad they enjoyed the show. The atmosphere was crazy, everyone was chanting my name Rico, Rico when I was coming on, I love my fans and appreciate their support."

GL: Any early indications on when your next fight is going to take place?

JO: "I spoke with Dmitriy (Salita) after the fight and I think it's going to be sometime in early August. There should be an announcement coming soon."

GL: Dmitriy has kept you quite busy. How do you feel about your activity level?

JO: "I love it man. We're on a roll to get all them world titles. It's important for young fighters like me to stay busy."
GL: How do you feel about Dmitiry signing another Michigan boxer Claressa Shields, this is likely a move that is going to open up some doors for you.

JO: "I think it was a great thing for him to sign her. She and I have been teammates multiple times over the years. It puts me on a bigger stage and eventually it's going to put her on a bigger stage too. We could be doing double headers throughout our careers. It's just big for Detroit boxing. Soon we're both going to be selling out that new Stadium out here."

GL: Closing thoughts?

JO: "Keep supporting me. I can't do it without God, I can't do it without y'all. I fight for y'all. I love my supporters and the people who talk me up and talk me down. Keep on doing it, because I can't do it without y'all."

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