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June 16, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: We're just hours away from the next installment of the Detroit Brawl series. Can you give us some final thoughts on the event from top to bottom? This is going to be a fantastic show, definitely one of the best Detroit Brawl series I've ever done. Claressa Shields is going to be fighting for a WBC silver belt. She is fighting Sydney LeBlanc and she's actually a tougher opponent than the original opponent. She's in shape and she was already scheduled to fight and she's very motivated. This is Claressa's first eight round right and it's going to be a very exciting main event. In the co-feature we have a very significant cruiserweight fight between Alexey Zubov, who is from Russia, but has been living out here in Detroit for the last year and a half. He's fighting Demetrius Banks, and this is going to be a very significant fight for both guys. Zubov has been working very hard with Sugar Hill at the Kronk Boxing gym and that fight is scheduled for ten rounds. We also have Bakhtiyar Eyubov the Kazakhstan knockout artist. He's a 140 pounder, but nobody at 140 pounds wants to fight him so we have to bring him in a little bit heavier. We also have former Olympian Serdar Hudayberdiyev fighting a very tough guy in Antonio Urista, so it's a step up for Serdar, but due to his extensive amateur career, he's ready to climb up the rankings quite fast. JaRico O'Quinn, one of the most talented young fighters in all of boxing will be on the card. He's only 118 pounds, but he's very exciting and very talented and he's going to climb up the rankings faster than usual. This is going to be his sixth fight of the year and I'm very excited about this guy. Jacob Bonas from the Kronk Boxing Gym is also on the card, he's a very talented fighter and he really knows how to take care of himself in the ring and last but not least Dimash Niyazov. He's 10-0, he's a lightweight and he's going for his eleventh win and we expect an exciting fight from him as well. It's a great show, the fan support has been very good and the media support here locally has been tremendous. Claressa is a national American hero, she was born and raised here in Michigan and he's one of the greatest fighters to ever come out of this part of the country right there with Tommy Hearns, Floyd Mayweather and the other greats. She's making history and climbing up the ranks really fast, fighting for the WBC silver title in her third fight. We're looking forward to some very big things with her, but it's one step at a time so right now she's got to take care of business tonight.

GL: You recently announced that you signed Claressa. I imagine that you're thrilled with that acquisition.

Dmitriy Salita: "I feel that Claressa is the hottest talent in the boxing world, inside the ring and outside the ring. She has the potential to break barriers and crossover to appeal to more than just sports fans. At 21 years old she's won two Olympic Gold Medals and going through the hardships that she had to growing up in Flint, to be two time Gold medalist and such an outstanding fighter already is just amazing. She's actually the only American Gold Medalist since Andre Ward and she brought home the gold medal twice. I'm looking forward to great, great things from her."

GL: Is this a do or die fight for Zubov? You got him four straight wins after his loss to Bejenaru, now he's fighting Banks. If he ever wants to be considered a top cruiserweight, is this must win?

DS: "Yes. This is a real crossroads fight for Alexey. It's actually a crossroads fight for both guys, and both guys are very ambitious and have their own goals and that's what makes this fight very interesting."

GL: Closing thoughts?

DS: "Thank you for your support Boxingtalk. I'm proud to be bringing the Detroit Brawl series to great city of Detroit on a regular basis. People living in the Detroit metro area should come out to check out the show because it's going to be very exciting from top to bottom. We've got other great announcements coming soon so stay tuned."

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