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June 15, 2017

By G. Leon

"Andre Ward has a sugar daddy."

GL: What can boxing fans expect to see from Sergey Kovalev on Saturday night? I can tell you that boxing fans are going see the Krusher in the ring again and not Sergey Kovalev. Last time in the ring the fans saw Sergey Kovalev, now they're going to be seeing Krusher, because he's mentally stronger, he's prepared, he's in good shape and he's coming to this fight taking it personal. This is a very personal fight for him and the fans are going to be seeing a lot of different things in the ring.

GL: Sergey has made several remarks making it clear that he's not such a big fan or Andre Ward. Where does this disdain stem from?

Egis Klimas: "Everything started right from the beginning when they were first scheduled to fight. The first press conference Sergey saw Ward was in New York, and before it started Ward was coming in our direction and we were going in his direction. Sergey looked at him and wanted to say hello and shake his hand, like a normal regular person. Ward acted like what the f**k are you doing here? You don't belong here. That got under Sergey's skin and during the press conference Sergey said that he just wanted to meet the man and say hello. Andre was like I'm going to fight him, what the f**k do I want to shake his hand for. That's where it started. Of course the last decision made Sergey more upset. This is not Ward's fault, it was the judges. This is a business and we don't know who was behind that, but this is what made Sergey madder. He doesn't believe Ward won that fight, he doesn't believe Ward owns those belts and he wants to get them back."

GL: Do you think Sergey will stop him?

EK: "It's hard to say, I don't think, I hope."

GL: What do you think Sergey needs to do differently this time around?

EK: "What he needs to do is like he did with Hopkins, go in there and box. Don't look for the knockout, if the knockout is going to come it comes. Sergey was tired in the first fight. After the fourth round he was tired and he was really out of shape. A month before the fight he was already done, he couldn't handle the sparring. He ran five miles instead of three, he went twice around the lake instead of once. Walking into the fight he didn't feel good and he didn't have any energy."

GL: Is this a do or die fight for Sergey in terms of competing at the highest of levels?

EK: "It is. This is take it or break it."

GL: I understand that if Sergey wins the fight there's no contractual provision for a third fight. Is that the case?

EK: "There's nothing in the papers, but it all depends on how this fight is going to do. It depends how the PPV sales are going to go. All of those questions will be clear next week."

GL: Do you think Andre Ward has done a good job of promoting the fight on PPV?

EK: "F**k no. Andre Ward has a sugar daddy who is giving him $7M for this fight. I don't think he deserves that. We are working our ass off getting money from the PPV and selling tickets, Sergey doesn't have a sugar daddy. Sergey is earning every f**king penny made, ok. Ward is getting $7M guaranteed for this fight, what does he care about the promotion. Does that answer your question?"

GL: I could ask you a million more questions off that, but you said you've got a meeting to make, so give me some closing thoughts for the fans we'll wrap it up.

EK: "We're going to go in the ring and take what belongs to Sergey."

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