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April 20, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: How's has everything gone in training camp? What can we expect to see from you on Saturday night? Everything is going good, I think I'm going to work the dude over. He's gone rounds I guess, but I don't see nothing special with him. I'm going to take my time, but close the distance quickly and work. GL: In boxing we say win this one look good in the next one. In your last fight with Castillo you won an ugly fight, largely due to the holding he was doing, is this the fight for you to look good in? I think so. Dude is a sloppy fighter, so I'm not sure, but that's the plan right now. I'm going to take what he gives me and I see myself finishing it with a bodyshot.

GL: What's the contract weight for this fight?

Joseph Williams: "It was supposed to be 180, but now it's 187. I'm feeling nice and strong because I haven't really needed to cut weight. It's scheduled for eight rounds, but I don't think it's going to go all eight rounds."

GL: How do you feel about the quick turnaround?

JW: "I feel good, it's helping me stay on track. I'm able to keep a couple of dollars in my pocket so I feel good about that. After this one I'll be ready to go again in another two or three months, I want to get right back in there."

GL: What are you hoping a win on Saturday night leads to?

JW: "Just bigger fights. Maybe after this one we can make a fight for ten rounds or something for a minor title. The Showtime fight put me on the map, so I'd like to be back on TV for the next one. I want a big fight against an opponent that I can really showcase my skills against."

GL: Are you trying to gradually work your way down to 175?

JW: "175 and eventually 168 like we've been talking about. We were talking about a big fight and then it fell through, but I'm getting rounds and work in. After this fight I'm going to camp, I've been talking to John David Jackson and I'm going to go down there and work with him, so I can get away and focus on my weight. I want to have my next 175."

GL: Do you really think you can make 168?

JW: "With the proper diet and everything, yeah. I came from the amateurs and I fought at whatever weight I woke up at. Now being a pro, I'm too small to fight at heavyweight, and now that I've got to make weight it's not something I've been really knowledgeable about. I won at super heavyweight and then I won at heavyweight, so I always fought over 200 lbs. I think I can do 175 and as long as I stay focused and keep working with my nutritionist, they believe I'll be able to make 168 as long as I do it gradually."

GL: What does it mean to you to be making your Barclay's Center debut on a card like this?

JW: "It's real big man. They're two great fighters and I've never met any of them personally, but Kenny Porter was the Olympic coach in 2012 when I was an alternate and he always used to tell me about his son and I was always a fans of his work. You got Berto, who's just coming off fighting Mayweather not too long ago and he's a superstar, so to be fighting there on a show like this it means a lot. It means I'm getting a lot more accomplished in my career, because I've gone from club shows to fighting on the undercards of superstars. Pretty soon I'll be the co-main event and the main event one day."

GL: Closing thoughts?

JW: "I'm from Far Rockaway never forget that. I want to thank the fans for their support, I always work hard. I was a little sloppy in my last fight, but I've trained to be more polished in this fight and I plan on putting on a show. I'm going for the stoppage. If I can't get it I'm going to settle down, but I'm going to be looking for the knockout."

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