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April 18, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: What's the latest and greatest? When can we expect you back in the ring? I'm looking at late June or early July, hopefully that's what I get. GL: I spoke with Dmitriy Salita recently and I know you have a great interest in fighting Rau'Shee Warren on June 30. What can you tell us about that? We've been wanting to fight him for a while now. I wanted to fight him when he had the title and I want to fight him now. He's considered one of the best in the world, I consider myself one of the best in the world so it makes sense to me.

GL: Coming off of your questionable loss to Potapov, this is the kind of fight you want to show people you belong at the top of the division, correct?

Antonio Nieves: "Yes. I'm here to fight the best, he's one of the best and I respect him to the fullest, but I've never ducked anybody. Hopefully the fight comes up because I'm taking it."

GL: Have you been able to fully get over what happened with Potapov?

AN: "I got no other choice. I could either get over it and keep on moving forward or I can sit back and cry about it, but that's not going to change shit. I watched the fight over and over, and giving him the benefit of the doubt in every close round I still had it 6-4 me. But I was fighting in Detroit against a guy who was training in Detroit, he came out in the Kronk colors, there were two inexperienced Detroit judges so it was what it was. I took it on the chin, but now I"m back on the grind and doing what I do."

GL: How does a fight with you and Warren play out?

AN: "He's got the fast hands, I think I'm stronger than him power wise, so it's going to be him trying to box and me coming forward. I'll be the one pressing the action."

GL: Do you think he's really going to want to fight you? Last time I brought you up to Warren he said you would make excuses or come up with extravagant demands in order to fight him...

AN: (cutting in) "Let me tell you about that. They called me the day of the fight in the morning and asked if we would fight Rau'Shee Warren. We said f**k it, we'll fight, then they said they would pay me to fight him. What kind of sucker am I? If you're going to pay me $300 to fight the best in the world then let's go. I didn't make no damn excuses, they called us the day of the fight because the other opponents fell out. They came offering me money, I'm not a sucker and I come from the hood so if you're going to give me free money, I'm going to take it. He could say whatever he wants, but he knows what it is. Let's see if he wants to fight me now, I ain't got no problem going over there on June 30 and showing him who I am."

GL: Is there any bad blood between you and Warren?

AN: "This is a sport where I don't have beef with nobody. I'm here to fight the best, I respect him to the fullest for what he's done. He's done things that nobody has done in the amateurs in America. Just because I respect him doesn't mean I'm going to let him walk all over me like I'm some kind of bitch. I'm here to fight the best, this is the fighting game. I hope we're able to make something happen for June 30 because I think it would be a great night for me."

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