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April 17, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: How is everything going in preparation? What can we expect to see from you on fight night? Everything is going good, I never really got out of the gym after my last fight. The fans can expect excitement, I'm going to put on a spectacular show and there's going to be a lot of explosiveness. GL: I imagine you're thrilled to have your first two fights take place at the Barclay's Center in consecutive months? I'm definitely blessed and now I have to take advantage of the moment. Every opportunity like that I just have to have fun and do what I do.

GL: What do you know about Picot?

Richardson Hitchins: "Not really. I just know he's Puerto Rican, I've seen a couple of tapes on him and he seems to be a hyper fighter that's going to be coming forward. It's up to me to neutralize him and take control."

GL: Your debut ended in 90 seconds, are you expecting this to be an early night as well?

RH: "I didn't expect my first fight to be an early night, I'm prepared to go the distance in every fight, but I'm definitely coming to hurt. I'm coming with bad intentions, so if it doesn't last it doesn't and if it does, it does and we'll go to war."

GL: How would you describe your style to somebody who hasn't seen you fight before?

RH: "I'm a boxer puncher, very accurate, very sharp and I come for the kill once I hurt you, but I fight smart and I'm very good on my feet and have good defense."

GL: What made you want to turn pro as a teenager?

RH: "I felt like I did everything I could possible do in the amateurs, I went to the Olympics and fought top opposition, I went to many international competitions and now with the headgear coming off it just made sense for me to turn pro now. I felt like continuing to fight there would be wasting my time, I want to get a world title at a young age."

GL: When did you first start boxing? What made you fall in love with the sport?

RH: "I started boxing at twelve years old and as soon as I got into the gym it became something fun to me. I've always looked up to Floyd Mayweather so once I came into the gym it was just something that was natural for me. I was like a kid in a candy store, it was like a video game for me. I watched boxing, I mean I stayed up all night on school nights watching boxing all night long."

GL: Is Mayweather your favorite fighter?

RH: "Most definitely. I look up to him a lot, he's my boxing idol and he inspired me a lot."

GL: How do you feel to be aligned with DiBella Entertainment?

RH: "I'm happy, he's putting on some great shows and I'm just happy to be a part of the shows."

GL: How many more times do you see yourself fighting this year?

RH: "I would say four or five more times, I'm definitely looking to stay active."

GL: What's your favorite movie?

RH: "I would have to say Three Ninjas."

GL: Three Ninjas? What's that?

RH: "It's a movie about three kids who were trained by their grandfather and it's a fun movie that was my favorite when I was growing up as a kid."

GL: Who's your favorite musician? What do you bump to in the gym?

RH: "Meek Millz and Drake."

GL: You've been working with Julian Sosa, what's that been like?

RH: "It's been great work, I've been working with Julian since I was a little kid. We grew up sparring each other every day, it's really cool to have grown with him."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

RH: "The fans could definitely expect fireworks. I just want everybody to tune in on April 22, I'm going to put on a show and put on for my city, so I just want everybody to keep an eye out for me."

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