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April 11, 2017

By G. Leon

Santa Cruz rematch, Frampton, Gary Russell on short list for Mares

GL: Congrats on Misael's victory, can you give us some thoughts on his peformance?  It was a tough fight to begin with. We got a last minute replacement and he was originally scheduled to go six rounds, but then we made it a four after the commission didn't approve the first guy for some reason. We got the guy on three day notice and he was a guy who could take a good punch. Misael had to work to get the win and it was a really good experience for him. It's one of those fights where you can learn from, not just the usual first round knockout where you look sensational without doing much work.

GL: So you weren't disappointed that he didn't get...

Abner Mares: (cutting in) "I wasn't because when I say the guy he was fighting was tough, I mean he took a lot of punches. Not that Misael received a great deal, but the guy was durable and he gave him rounds."

GL: Was Misael disappointed at all?

AM: "Not at all. He was happy, he just told me Abner everybody else got the easy opponents, I didn't it and I'm happy about that."

GL: When could we expect to see him back in the ring?

AM: "Sometime in June or July, we'll see what RingStar comes up with next. He's going to take a couple of days to a week off and then he'll be right back in the gym."

GL: You were there, I wasn't so I'm going to trust your boxing eyes. Of all the RingStar guys who made their debut, who were you most impressed with?

AM: "I would have to say Karlos Balderas. The opponent was perfect and he looked good, but you can't take anything away from this guy who is such an all around good fighter. He's got it all and I think the kid has got a bright future and he looked most impressive that night."

GL: So what's up with you? When is your next fight taking place?

AM: "Nothing is confirmed yet, I'm obviously happy about the possibility to get the rematch with Leo Santa Cruz. That is being talked about right now since the WBA made me mandatory, so it looks like that might be happening."

GL: Would you be disappointed if your next fight wasn't the Santa Cruz rematch?

AM: "No. If it weren't Leo I know it would be another champion, I've gotten that confirmed by my manager. It could be Leo, it could be Frampton, it could be Gary Russell, it could be any of these world champions out there."

GL: When will your next fight take place?

AM: "No date yet. I don't even have a target to give you right now, but when I do I'll give you a call. I know my next fight will be a big one and that's good enough for me right now."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

AM: "The fans can look forward to seeing me in a big fight next and Misael Rodriguez is the future of boxing!"

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