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April 10, 2017

By G. Leon

Lomo to opposition: "Maybe if you watch my fights in slow motion you can learn some things!"

GL: Congrats on a sensational victory. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? I was fighting the way the strategy was made. I followed the plan for the fight and I was listening to my coach and what he was telling me in the corner and I made sure I enjoyed myself in the ring. GL: In the last two fights I see a pattern developing, you're breaking guys physically and mentally until they or their corner stops the fight. Do you enjoy breaking guys down like that more than scoring a traditional knockout like you did with Rocky Martinez? I wouldn't say I take big joy in somebody having pain and feeling bad. I'm just doing my job and following the plan and let them think about their preparation when they come into fight me.

GL: Was there anything about Sosa that surprised you at all?

Vasyl Lomachenko: "He didn't surprise me. Everything was the way we planned according to the strategy we made for the fight. I knew it was going to be tough for me to knock him out because he's a durable opponent and a tough guy. He was also a little dirty, he came in with his head up and threw a couple of low blows, other than that it was what I expected."

GL: Every move you make inside the ring is calculated. I assume you take the same approach outside of the ring. With that being said are you already mentally preparing yourself that the fight with Sosa could have been your last fight at 130 lbs?

VL: "I can't really tell because it's not up to me. It's more up to the promoter and what they want to bring to me. Do they want to negotiate with other champions? Are they going to be able to deliver me any good bouts? It's up to them, I want everybody who knows me and follows me to know that I want to fight the best and I always do what I say."

GL: What made you decide to showboat with Sosa?

VL: "I just showed off a little bit because he was getting dirty with me and he was becoming like a bull so I became the matador for a second, but I did it in a nice way."

GL: When are you hoping your next fight takes place?

VL: "As soon as possible, I feel like I can come back to fight in July or August."

GL: If you could make any fight right now who would it be?

VL: "If we're talking about 135 I would like to have my first fight closer to home so I wouldn't mind going to England to fight Flanagan."

GL: Do you feel like you've shown us your best yet?

VL: "No, not yet. You're going to have to stay tuned for that."

GL: Who has to be across the ring from you for us to see that?

VL: "If you want to see a very nice fight, it has to be a very technical and tutored guy who knows boxing."

GL: During the telecast Max Kellerman said that he favors you over everybody at 140 on down except for Terence Crawford. Do you see you and Crawford will meet somewhere down the line if you both keep winning?

VL: "I'm not thinking so far ahead right now. If the time is going to come and we will see. We're talking about three different weight classes, if the fans are going to come and that fight is in the picture, of course I will take that fight."

GL: The last time we spoke you said that you don't really care about being a PPV star, you want your name to go down in history as one of the greatest and you want to be pound for pound number one. The bigger the star you are the more money you will make and last time I checked boxers fight for the money. Do you think that if you learned English you would become more marketable to the American public?

VL: "I am starting to learn English now and will work on it little by little. I don't think about being a PPV guy, but of course I would like more people to know my name around the world, more people to follow me and more people to watch. Of course I want to bring something into boxing that is special. I don't sit around or go to bed thinking about becoming a PPV star, it's not what motivates me."

GL: What did you think of your comrades performances on the undercard?

VL: "I thought we did a very good job, it was a great card and we prepared all together. It was a very nice show. I would like to repeat this as many times as much as possible here in the states."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

VL: "I want to thank my fans for watching me an following me. For other boxers out there who want to fight me, maybe if you watch my fights in slow motion you can learn some things."

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