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April 10, 2017

By G. Leon

Lomachenko ready to fight Flanagan in England

GL: Congrats on all of your victories, can you give us some thoughts on the event? Greg, I can summarize this in one word, it was fantastic! I am happy like a kid on Christmas morning, but it's April, so it's Christmas in April for me. GL: Usyk per usual got off to a slow start and then took control in the fourth round. He had Hunter all over the place in the last round, do you think the fight should have been stopped? Definitely the fight should have been stopped. Hunter took so much punishment in that round that he should not have taken. His corner or the referee should have stopped the fight earlier.

GL: Are you confident that Usyk will be able to secure a unification bout next?

Egis Kilams: "This is what we're going to be aiming for and hopefully it can happen. It's definitely what we're looking for, we're always looking for unification but it's not up to us sometimes."

GL: Gvozdyk was supposed to be in a 50-50 fight with Yunieski Gonzalez and he destroyed him. Were you surprised at all?

EK: "I wasn't very surprised because we knew that it was going to happen. I knew he was prepared 100% and I knew he would win. I didn't expect him to win so early, but Joe DeGuardia said during the press conference that we were going to steal the show and it looks like he was right."

GL:Gvozdyk looks like he's ready to fight for a world title right now. How awkward would it be for you to potentially represent both Kovalev and Gvozdyk if they wind up fighting each other?

EK: "It wouldn't be difficult, it's completely up to them. Gvozdyk showed big respect and wished luck to Sergey Kovalev. He wouldn't want to fight him, but this is a sport and if he had to he will. To tell you the truth I'd like for Gvozdyk to fight Adonis Stevenson next. Then he can fight Kovalev to unify the title, with Gvozdyk we can unify titles, with that f**ker Stevenson we can't. You know how that is.

GL: When are you hoping Gvozdyk fights next?

EK: "He's going to be fighting soon, I just landed in Los Angeles and I have to talk to Bob. I haven't talked to Bob yet and I'm talking to you, what's wrong with me? (laughs)"

GL: Do you think Lomachenko is going to have to move up to 135 pounds to get a marquee fight?

EK: "Now we are going to try to get the other champions. This is what the plan is, we're going to negotiate with other champions for unification at the 130 lb division and if we don't have any luck then we're going to move up to 135. I believe Flanagan won the fight against Petrov yesterday, so if we can't get any champions we would be willing to go to England to fight Flanagan."

GL: Fazliddin Gaibnazarov is going to be making his pro debut on April 22. What can you tell us about this kid?

EK: "I can't tell you nothing about this kid because I haven't seen him in the ring in a real fight yet. I've only seen him in training and in the amateurs. He needs to transform from amateurs to professionals which is two different things, so far the kid is very excited with a big desire. He wants to prove himself and all I can do is help him, I'm not going to go in the ring with him. He has the chance to become a special fighter and world champion so it's up to him to see how he transforms."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

EK: "All of the champions in the divisions where I have my guys, keep training and I hope they have heart to step in and unify titles because we like to fight the champions."

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