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April 10, 2017

By G. Leon

Gvozdyk-Joe Smith on the horizon?

GL: Congrats on your victory. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? Actually I am very happy with my performance. I wasn't planning to have it end so early. I was going to wait a little bit, let him throw his wild punches and then in the late rounds start to be more active. But I got a chance to shake him and I didn't lose my chance, I finished him. GL: Do you think the fight should have been stopped sooner than it was? I was thinking about it during the action, you know it's not my work though. It's the work of the referee. One thing I was thinking though was please let me have a couple of more seconds, I didn't want to hear the bell ring to end the round, I wanted to stop him.

GL: You looked like you were approaching the fight with patience  to capitalize on his mistakes, it just seems like it happened a lot quicker than many people thought.

Oleksandr Gvozdyk: "I was working on it, part of my plan was to let his mistakes do my work."

GL: You stopped Chilemba which nobody else had done, and you've destroyed Gonzalez which nobody else has done. Are you concerned that you're setting the bar too high? How will you be able to keep this up? 

OG: "I'm going to keeping training hard and wait for my opportunity. I will improve every day and I will continue to train hard."

GL: Do you feel like your in between a rock and a hard place? You're ready to fight for a title, but that fight could come against Kovalev. I know if I asked you who do you like in Ward-Kovalev II you're going to tell me Kovalev, so with that being said how awkward would it be for you to fight for your first world title against Sergey Kovalev?

OG: "You know first off I wish luck to Kovalev in his fight with Ward. This is just a sport, I have a good relationship with Kovalev and if this is going to be necessary we will fight. If it's going to be beneficial for both of us it will happen."

GL: Ward-Kovalev isn't going to happen until June 17, the winner won't fight again until close to the end of the year. When would you like your next fight to take place?

OG: "First of all what I want to do now is take a rest a little bit. I didn't think about it, but I heard somebody say that my next fight is supposed to for the second mandatory challenger in the WBC against Joe Smith, but everything is not for sure. I want to rest a little first and then we're going to negotiate with my manager and everybody else."

GL: Being the second mandatory challenger in the WBC doesn't really much considering the champion at light heavyweight hasn't made his first mandatory defense since 2013.

OG: (laughs) "You're right about that and I'm going to be the second mandatory and I know Alvarez is stuck in the position for a long time now."

GL: Are you looking to come back sometime this summer?

OG: "Again, I don't know right now. I don't want to rest and stay without a fight for a while. After a couple of weeks of rest I'll be able to go again."

GL: What did you think about Lomachenko's performance?

OG: "His performance was fantastic. I think his fights are no longer interesting to see because there's no intrigue to his fights. I hope the other champions step up to fight him because regular fighters are no opposition for Lomachenko. It's like watching a cat play with a mouse."

GL: Who do you think would be good opposition for him?

OG: "I would like to see him against Mikey Garcia at 135, probably there's nobody else there to fight him at 130 so Garcia would be a great fight."

GL: The fight I want to see him fight, and I know not a lot of people agree with me because the guy has a boring style, but I think Rigondeaux would be the most difficult fight for him.

OG: "I would like to see this too, it would be very interesting. I think Lomachenko is bigger than Rigondeaux so if they were going to fight at 130 it would be good. When Lomachenko proposed the fight to him at 126 they said they're supposed to fight at 122, so now if Lomachenko says they should fight at 130 he's probably going to say 126. Everybody wants to fight Lomachenko after he signs a contract for another fight, after the fight all of them are hiding and come up with excuses to not fight. I think it would be a very interesting fight for boxing, but I don't think it's ever going to happen."

GL: What did you think of Usyk's performance?

OG: "It was a very good fight and a very good performance. He was boxing with his regular style, it was almost like watching him training for a different style of opponent. I think he showed that he could fight coming forwards and I think the referee should have stopped the fight in the last round."

GL: Did the three of you guys hang out last night?

OG: "Not really, Lomachenko flew to Los Angeles and I'm going to stay with Alek until tomorrow then I'm going to fly back to California and he's going to fly back to the Ukraine."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

OG: "Thanks for your support, see you when I get my next fight. Look for my next information on your special media network."

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