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April 10, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on your victory, can you give us some thoughts on your performance? Man, I felt like I looked like trash man. Well, let me say that I looked average, I say I looked like trash because I don't grade myself like an average fighter. I plan on contending for a world championship before the end of the year and that performance isn't going to get me there. That version of Mike Reed would have lost to a world champion or a top caliber fighter, so I got to go back to the drawing board.

GL: I understand being your own worst critic, but I saw the fight and I gave you every single round, why are you being so hard yourself? You got the experience of going ten rounds for the first time and you did everything but stop him.

Mike Reed: "I did, but I wanted to stop him. I thought the fight was a little boring or dull in the action. My dad was in the corner telling me to believe in my training and I wasn't."

GL: What do you think you could've done that you didn't do?

MR: "I could have pressed the gas more. I had him hurt in the first round after hitting him with a great check hook and I saw his eyes roll and I didn't capitalize on that. Then I hurt him in the third round with an overhand left and then I was sort of aiming for that shot the rest of the way."

GL: Do you think you pressed for the knockout too much instead of letting it come to you?

MR: "I did. I was throwing one punch at a time and I'm a combination puncher. I don't have one punch knockout power, but I have enough power in both hands that I would have been able to get him out of there if I just threw more combinations."

GL: What are you hoping this victory leads to?

MR: "I hope it brings me somebody in the top ten or fifteen of any world rankings. It was an experience for me going ten, but now I want to step up. I want to fight guys that aren't just looking to survive, I want to fight guys that have a very good chance of winning, because that will build me up and make me step my game up."

GL: You didn't look tired after the final bell, how did it feel going ten for the first time?

MR: "I was a little winded when I got to the eighth and had two more left to go, I realized that this was the next level. I always train for two more rounds than we're fighting. If we fight 10 we're training for 12, if we're fighting 12 we're training for 14 because you never know the pace of the fight. I controlled the pace for the most part, but I would have been ready if it would have turned into a grueling war."

GL: Did you leave the ring with any injuries that could prevent you from returning as soon as possible?

MR: "No, but I got cut again with a head butt and that frustrated me. I had never been cut before and now it's something that's happened in back to back fights. I'm going to have to do something that prevents it from happening again in the future."

GL: Was there any extra pressure on you fighting in front of your hometown fans at the first event at the MGM National Harbor?

MR: "No, it was awesome, I loved it. I need to fight in front of my hometown fans more often because it gives me a certain confidence. To be back home on such a major event it was a real honor and pleasure. Top Rank does a great job of building their fighters and they told me they were going to get me home and they kept their word, and a lot of people came out."

GL: When are you hoping your next fight takes place?

MR: "I'm hoping my next fight takes place in June or July, I'll take maybe a week and a half off, recover and then be back to the drawing boards."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

MR: "I want to thank everybody who showed up, I appreciate their support. I took a lot of pictures with the fans and wish I would have been able to take more. I want to thank you for the interview, you know fighters give media guys a hard time but without the help of the media the fighter wouldn't be nothing. You're only relevant if the media is talking about you, so I look forward to chatting with you again."

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