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April 13, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: How's everything been going in preparation for your long awaited professional debut on April 14? Everything has been going great it's been a real eye opening camp because as a pro it's a whole different level of training. I'll just say we upped the heart rate. I was originally going to be fighting a guy named Brian Imes, but he didn't take the fight so now I'm fighting another boxer that is also making his pro debut. It's a little bit more dangerous but I'm up for the task.

GL: What does it mean to you to have your pro debut take place in your home state?

Hasim Rahman Jr: "It means everything it's a dream come true, it's not really been a big secret that I recently got out of prison so I sat back and visualized this. I worked and worked to make this dream come true and now that's it's finally happening it's something that I'm 100% ready for, I'm prepared for the task and I'm ready to get this win and look spectacular in getting the win."

GL: I spoke with your pops recently and he said had you turned pro sooner, it wouldn't have been the right time. He feels like now you're in the right space mentally and physically, how do you feel about turning pro at 25?

HRJR: "I agree. It was a lot of stuff going on with other people that I was going to pursue my professional career with, with trying to make Olympic team and not doing the right things to be a full time fighter. I admit that I used to be a part time fighter before and now being a full time fighter I started off my camp at 255. Being a full time heavyweight is a whole different ballgame. At 25 years old I'm about to hit my peak, a lot of guys have done well at a young age but when you're in there with heavyweights it's almost a different sport. I feel like being 25 the timing is perfect and I feel like if I go a hard strong five years with my dad behind me, then I'll be able to retire and that's a blessing."

GL: What are your goals for year one?

HRJR: "My main goal is to stay healthy and get as many fights as I can. My promoter has already lined up at least six or seven fights for me this year. I just want to stay healthy and look spectacular in every performance like I was taught to do. It's different when you're dealing with me because you got to understand that I saw Hasim Rahman's entire career, I've seen everything from day one. Not only that, once his career was at the end I was with Floyd Mayweather everyday, so I got the best of both worlds. I picked up a lot from my father and Floyd and I'm taking everything that both of them have ever taught me and putting it into one fighter. I'm going to be a real, real problem for these dudes to deal with, especially in this heavyweight division."

GL: Your pops says he wants to see you fight 24 times in the first two years. How do you feel about that?

HRJR: "If that's what he wants that's what he's going to get. He says the word and I just go. I do the training and fighting and he does everything else. When he says kill it's really hard to get me out that zone. With my father with me it's really, really a problem."

GL: At 25 your father was twenty something and 0, you're turning pro. How do you think you compare to your pops at 25?

HRJR: "I think that he was more experienced as far as being a pro, but I'm coming in with over 80 amateur fights. I think I'm a little more technically sound than he was at this age. I believe that I'm more technically sound because I had more amateur experience, he only had like 10 amateur fights and he did a lot of his learning on the job. Like I said before I've done a lot of learning already through my father, Floyd and a lot of other fighters that came up. I can't remember not being involved in boxing. I remember my father and Jeremy Williams going at in New York. Boxing has been my life and I'm at the point of my life where I'm mature, I know I have to work hard to become the first heavyweight champion of the world after his father did it."

GL: What would making that history mean to you?

HRJR: "I can't even put it into words right now. It would make us royalty in boxing forever. God has a plan and I believe that is his plan for me and his plan for us because if I stay on the right path I don't see it going any other way. Right now I've got three fights before June 17 and I want to fight as often as possible because that's how the greats did it. I don't want to be seen as one of these fighters who did it because their father did it, I want to be seen as somebody who took their name in boxing to the next level like my idol Floyd Mayweather did. This is exclusive for Boxingtalk and I haven't told nobody else this, but I think I could be a multiple division world champion. Right now they're going to put me in there on April 14, I'm ready and I'm going to make it do what it do."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

HRJR: "The fans got to stay tuned to, this is the exclusive Team Rahman spot. I want to thank everybody who has played a part in my pro debut and shown me support, you're always in my prayers. It's Team Gold Blooded, we're going to go to the top."

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