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April 12, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: What's up Sal? How's it going my friend? Right now I'm at the Long Island State Veterans home with my father, and it's a wonderful place where they take good care of our veterans who put their lives on the line for us to enjoy the freedoms we have. My dad was in the Korean War and he's going to be 87 years old this year. I know you called me to talk boxing, so let me tell you that I'm very happy Rossy is fighting in New York at Barclay's which is very pro boxing. Barclay's is making such a great move with supporting professional boxing in New York and I commend them. I commend Brett Yormark for taking the stance he is and being as aggressive and positive in boxing, and welcoming a New Yorker like Rossy. They have the Nassau Coliseum under their ownership and New York needs this, it's opening the doors for a lot of fighters like Derric Rossy and I'm hoping we're able to feature him at the Nassau Coliseum in the very near future.

GL: Well if Rossy wins the fights he's in the driver's seat, but he's up against.

Sal Musumeci: "He's always been up against it, not just throughout the country, but also around the world. He's never cried about some of the decisions that have been made, some of which has been rather controversial, and I'm only putting it that way to be kind to the officials that were part of the fights. He dropped Stiverne and won at least seven of those rounds in addition to the knockdown, and then with Glazkov in Pennsylvania, he won seven of the ten rounds and then Glazkov goes on to fight for the world title and it should have been Derric Rossy. Here's the Cinderella story of this century, Derric Rossy is a Cinderella man that the fans of the US and especially in New York, need to rally around and show up to Barclay's and give him the just due that he deserves."

GL: You recently partnered up with Evander Holyfield tell us all about that.

SM: "I couldn't be more blessed because I believe that he's the greatest, most respected living champion available that I would want to associate my company with. I couldn't think of another name in the boxing world to partner up with. Not just the great accomplishments he's made as the only four time heavyweight champion of the world, but outside of the ring he is a great human being and a great person, and a great representative of the sport. I'm truly blessed to have him as my partner. He's going into the Hall of Fame in June and we're looking to do our first show in June, we're working on it right now and having discussions with major organizations and major casino chains and we're working on partnership deals with Holyfield Real Deal Promotions as well as our live TV contract that airs live TV around the world."

GL: I read on ESPN that you guys have a deal in place with CBS Sports and your first event will take place at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. What can you tell us about that?

SM: "I could tell you that the CBS deal is ongoing, we're right now entertaining monthly shows, we have a schedule with CBS for monthly shows starting in June. The people at the Golden Nugget haven't really moved on our offer with them, so now we offers out to various casino chains and we're giving them the opportunity to work with us."

GL: Is the first card still going to take place in Atlantic City?

SM: "The first card is going to take place in June, it's not necessarily going to be in Atlantic City. Like I said we're speaking with other casinos at this time."

GL: Who are some of the boxers that you and Evander will be promoting? Are there any announcements coming soon?

SM: "I could tell you right now that we've got ten world ranked fighters that we're negotiating with and we have to keep that quiet until the deals are signed."

GL: Can you tell us the story of how and when you and Evander decided you were going to become partners?

SM: "We met recently at the WBC convention Florida. He and I clicked so well, we shared our views on boxing and on life and the full understanding of what we would do with boxing to better the boxing world, and bring it back to the major sport that it was in years back. We have the same intentions and desires in our heart as businessmen, we clicked immediately and we signed our deal shortly thereafter and here we are moving forward. Evander has a big heart and everything he speaks is from his heart and I'm expecting nothing but greatness from Holyfield Real Deal Boxing." 

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