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April 13, 2017

By G. Leon

"I've been knocking at the door, on April 22 I kick it open!"

GL: How has everything been going in preparation? What can we expect to see from you against Luis Ortiz on April 22? Everything is going well preparation wise. I feel good, I feel confident and I think you're going to see a hell of a fight. I think there may be a lot people writing me off, but I think the people that really know the sport know that I'm not that kind of guy. GL: Do you feel like you deserved the win in your last two decision losses? I definitely look at those as wins, I know I won those fights and I didn't get the decision. Both of those fights were against top heavyweights and I did really good, so that gives me confidence. 

GL: Have you studied Ortiz at all? What weaknesses do you see in him that you feel you'll be able to exploit on April 22?

Derric Rossy: "We have studied him. The guy comes from a Cuban background and he's very well schooled, but at the same time he's human like everyone else. We're going to see what we can exploit and we're going to stick to our game plan."

GL: Not too many guys have been in a rush to engage with Oritz. Do you plan on fighting aggressively?

DR: "We're going to find our niche and we're going to play it out. We have plan A, plan B and plan C. We're going to go in there and see what really works, the thing is boxing is hitting without being hit and that's what we're going to try to do."

GL: I spoke to Ortiz yesterday and he said that he's hoping a victory over him leads to him being enforced as mandatory to the Joshua-Klitschko winner. What are you hoping a victory over Ortiz would lead to for you?

DR: "I get what he gets. (laughs) We both want the same thing and I'm looking for big things too. I know I'm just a blip on his radar, but I'm going to be looking for something bigger that night."

GL: It's cliche to say it, but are you looking at this as a do or die fight?

DR: "Almost all of my fights have been do or die because I'm always in there with the guys at the top and I'm going in there as the underdog. I know my role and every fight is a do or die so it's really not a big difference to me."

GL: What do you consider your biggest advantage over Ortiz? 

DR: "Let's see. It's hard to say, I'm just hungry. I have twice as many pro fights as he does, but it's hard to say I've got more experience because he's probably got three or four hundred amateur bouts under his belt. I just think it's going to be a hell of a fight and I"m coming to win."

GL: At this point what's your motivation to continue fighting?

DR: "I just want to be the best man, I got that hunger in me that says Derric can you be the champ and I truly believe I can be. I think that's why I'm still doing this, because that's what I'm still shooting for. With me getting the short end of the stick in some of my recent fights it just goes to show you that I'm right there knocking at the door and on April 22 I'm going to kick it open."

GL: What does fighting at the Barclay's Center for the first time mean to you?

DR: "It's been a long time since I've fought at home in New York. To be involved on an event like this it means a lot to me and it's motivating me a great deal."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DR: "You're going to a great fight between two great professional fighters who know how to fight going at it."

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