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April 10, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: How has everything been going in training? What can we expect to see from Terence vs Felix Diaz on May 20? Everything is going pretty damn good. Sparring is going good, running is going good, we just started swimming this week. When I looked at him this week and I sized him up, I didn't realize that T was that much taller than him and had that much reach on him, but Jesus Christ T might hurt this dude really bad! He likes to jump in and as long as I can get T to stay ready, when I say ready, he got to keep his legs ready and keep his hands ready, not get lackadaisical in the beginning like he did when was fighting Gamboa. As long as I can get his legs ready, he's going to be able to time the guy or be able to take that half step back.

GL: What are your thoughts on Felix Diaz as a boxer?

Brian McIntyre: "He's a good rustic type of fighter and he likes to grind it out. He likes to stay in your chest and push you to the ropes. I know Terence isn't the type of fighter that's going to allow a fighter to do whatever he wants to do. T is the type of fighter that is going to make sure he's in control of everything going on in the ring at any given time. I don't see him keeping his head in T's chest, it's probably going to be the other way around."

GL: Does Terence have to move up to welterweight to get the kind of fights that will take his career to the next level?

BM: "Most likely he's going to have to, unless some of the guys making noise at 135 want to come up and try to give him a run for his money, but me personally, I think that he's going to have to move up to 147."

GL: Do you see a fight with him and Pacquiao ever materializing?

BM: "I don't know man, I couldn't even tell you."

GL: You guys would love for it to happen though, correct?

BM: "Of course, definitely. It's all on Bob and Pacquiao, so we'll see."

GL: Terence is like a professional franchise in Omaha. Do you think he should be fighting there all the time?

BM: "It's good that he gets to fight around the country so people can get to see him instead of traveling to Omaha all of the time. That's how you get well known, you have to be able to let the people see you and touch you all over the country."

GL: He's only been at 140 for a couple of years, do you think that moving up to welterweight within the next year would be too soon?

BM: "It all depends on how he feels and how he makes 140, right now he's making 140 pretty easy so it all depends on how his body takes to losing the weight when he gets a little older."

GL: Postol was the big fight at 140. Since then has it been difficult to get Terence motivated for the fights that followed?

BM: "Actually, when guys start talking shit that's what motivates Terence. Guys like Lou DiBella talking shit, talking about Terence was running. Diaz said in an interview with fighthype that Terence's handlers didn't want him to fight me because he's a cash cow so they're taking care of them. The only thing that shit does is add fuel to the fire...

GL: (cutting in) So they're making your job easier by talking that shit.

BM: "Exactly. Exactly man, the kid is naturally motivated, but when you start talking shit saying he can't do this or that all you're doing is giving him extra motivation."

GL: What weaknesses do you see in Diaz that Terence will be able to exploit on May 20?

BM: "I just think that his height and his reach will be a major difference. Diaz is going to have to take chances, he's going to have to jump in. T likes to use his jab and as long as his legs are ready, as soon as he jumps in he's going to get caught."

GL: T likes to switch it up, did that organically happen or is it something that you guys have worked on?

BM: "We work on it and he's been doing it since he's been about twelve years old. One day in the gym he's just switched and we began working off it ever since. Now it's to the point where I think he's equally effective from both stances."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

BM: "We're going to put on another great performance on May 20."

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