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April 06, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Damn Marshall, these judges haven't been doing you and favors have they. (laughs) Omar (Douglas) wasn't my fighter, but everybody I've spoken to thinks Omar won the fight. I didn't really watch it close enough so I can't give you my opinion on the fight until I actually watch it myself. I was busy handling business at ringside, but from I did see it was a great fight. I saw Omar doing things I didn't think he could do. He was able to box well and land some shots on Cherry that more than got his attention as well. I know from what people are saying, that it looked different in person than what it did on TV.

GL: What did you thin of Frank De Alba's performance?

Marshall Kauffman: "He started slow, but I had De Alba up by one round after the fifth round. He started slow, but then he began to dominate coming down the stretch. Early on he allowed Kielczweski to steal rounds. He wasn't really doing a lot, but he was walking around and Frankie wasn't closing the gaps. I thought two of the judges had it right and one of the judges was way off. I think there was a mix-up there because one judge got sick during the fourth round and he asked the commission if he could be removed from the fight. I had De Alba winning 6-2, but I could see 5-3 as well."

GL: What does this win lead to for Frankie?

MK: "Unfortunately Frankie fights to the level of his opposition. When Frankie fought Omar Douglas, I thought he did enough to pull that out or get a draw. But this is boxing and some decisions you get and some you don't. With Frankie it's just about bringing on the best 130 pounders, that's what I want for him and we'll see how he makes the adjustments from fight to fight."

GL: Kermit Cintron has been on Boxingtalk calling out Miguel Coto and Juan Manuel Marquez for retirement matches, now he's getting into it with Jarrett Hurd. Do you expect him to land any of those fights? Do you think his next fight will be a big one?

MK: "In my opinion I don't think Cotto or Marquez will fight Kermit. I think they should because it makes perfect sense, they're older guys and former world champions and I think it should be a retirement match if any of those fights happen. Whoever loses should move on. As far as fighting Jarrett Hurd, I think Jarrett Hurd is looking for something bigger, I think he's looking at the other champions at 154 and unifying the division."

GL: Will Kerm's next fight be a big one or will you keep him moving if one doesn't present itself?

MK: "His next fight is going to be a big one. Kermit is saying give me a big fight so I can show you what I've got left. Give me a big fight at 147 or 154 and I'll get the job done."

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