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March 20, 2017

By G. Leon

GL: Congrats on a fantastic weekend. Can you give us some thoughts on GGG's performance? I don't think it was a 10, so I'm not going to give him a 10, but I would say it's about an 8. I don't think he went to the body enough, but Daniel prepared very, very well and had it in his mind that he wasn't going to be hurt, he wasn't going to be stopped and he was going to go the full twelve rounds. In a way there's a silver lining because I think those twelve rounds are going to be beneficial to Gennady, but everybody is commenting about the knockout streak which isn't an issue to us or an important thing. We just wanted to win.

GL: Danny fought a very smart tactical fight. Did any of that surprise you at all? Do you think it threw Gennady off at all?

Abel Sanchez: "In a way, a little bit. It didn't so much throw us off, I think Danny was in there at certain moments to survive. The fight with Chocalatito and the Thai guy, that was a fight where both guys went at each other. Danny used good tactics to stay away from Gennady's power, we were able to knock him down in the fourth round, but I think from that point on his main concern was to make sure Gennady wasn't going to catch him again. In certain rounds he landed a couple of shots and showed some bravado, I think that was to build himself up and to show Gennady that he was going to be there for the duration."

GL: Did you have any doubts that Gennady was going to get the decision when they went to the cards?

AS: "Not at all. I thought the decision was just, I thought it was 8-4 for us. There wasn't any concern in our corner because of this, but that's why we have three judges and we were counting on them to be just and make sure the right guy won, which is what they did."

GL: At this point what do you think the fans want to see more GGG-Canelo or a rematch with Jacobs?

AS: "I think the Alvarez fight has been talked about so much that it's probably the fight the fans want to see more. I'm saying this because Alvarez has found ways to avoid making the fight happen and he also has a bigger following than Danny does."

GL: Do you think Alvarez beating Chavez is a foregone conclusion?

AS: "No. I think it's a very good fight, but I think that Chavez will scare Alvarez a couple of times but Alvarez will win. I think Chavez may drop Alvarez early and surprise him, but I think he's a very big guy so it's probably going to be a twelve round fight."

GL: GGG was a big favorite going into this fight and since people have seen Jacobs get stopped by Pirog and dropped by Sergio Mora who isn't regarded as a big puncher, many expected Jacobs to get stopped. Do you think the only fighter whose stock went up on Saturday night was Jacobs?

AS: "I don't think GGG stock goes down at all, but people are now thinking that he's mortal and he's not superhuman. People have to remember that when he fights guys like Mora he's not preparing the same way he was for Gennady. In his fight with Pirog I think Robert Byrd stopped the fight too quickly. Danny could've continued in that fight, but because he closed his eyes for a second when he went down, Robert Byrd immediately stopped the fight. In the Mora fight, he stood and fought because there wasn't a threat in front of him. With Golovkin he didn't want to engage because he knew he would have gotten knocked out."

GL: Is it time for Saucedo to step up? I spoke to him earlier and he wants a step up because he feels he's ready for it.

AS: "I feel that we need another couple of fights in my gym to make sure that's caught up on everything we're doing. This was our second training camp, he made the weight very comfortably and we've still got some work to do so I'd like to have another couple of fights before we move him up to a difficult fight with an elite fighter."

GL: So at this point it's more about spending more time with you in camp than who's in front of him.

AS: "Correct."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

AS: "I truly appreciate all of the support we get whether you're with us or against us. I think that's good for boxing, I think everybody just needs to respect these guys for putting their lives on the line when they step through those ropes whether they win or lose."

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